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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Weapons Guide - Full List Of Pubg Weapons And Introduce

5/17/2017 8:01:28 PM
as a representative of the competitive survival shooter game, a wide variety of equipment and weapons in playerunknown's battlegrounds (pubg) is an important factor in its popularity, the pubg weapons do not only have the full range of varieties, but also have different strengths. in this guide, we introduce all the weapons you can get in pubg and explain their unique advantages for you one by one.



assault rifles

pubg weapons - assault rifles

no.1 akm

ammo: 7.62 mm, in the rifle it has the first row of the same damage and effective range as well as m16a4, compared with m16, slightly slower firing rate, slightly higher precision, recoil is relatively poor, and only has three attachment coins - aiming, muzzle, magazine.

no.2 m16a4

the second one of the two kings in rifle, its capability is similar to akm, as only three attachment coins, compared to akm, its effective range rating is slightly inferior, firing rate slightly shorter. in short if you can choose, these two guns have higher priority than other rifles.

no.3 m416

same as the m16, scarl, it use nato 5.56 ammo, as a carbine rifle, its long-range capability is less than akm and m16, but it can be installed grip and butt, the close-range shooting and fire rate can be excellent after modified, spotted with red dot sight is very good.

no.4 scarl

a very good gun used in other games, but would be one of worst one in pubg. it is the most suitable for the melee in all rifles but the effectively range is bad, and as it can not be equipped grips, its ability for the melee is too worse than m4 carbine, if you have other choice, throw it and use other one.


light machine guns

pubg weapons - light machine guns


here we list another light machine guns - m249, also nato 5.56 ammo, which is the game's unique machine gun. in addition to the sights, no other modifications can be used on it, but it has good power, high effective range, high firing rate, it can hold a variety of sights, has strong ability to hit the car, 500 capacity is unique.


submachine guns

pubg weapons - submachine guns

no. 1 - king of smg "chicago typewriter" - kriss vector

in city it can be used to fight against rifles in middle range, can kill 4 people at once from behind, it use .45 ammo, although there are four attachment coins, it is no necessary to modify it. only can be spawned from airdrops.

no.2 - king of the explosive force - micro uzi

using 9mm ammo, the gun compared to kriss vector, its only disadvantage is short in capacity and effective range, but after you get the key micro-uzi butt and extended mags, its fire power in house is unbeatable, kill faster than the rifle when you shoot from upstairs to downstairs, for melee, selection priority is higher than shotguns and ump.

no.3 - ump9

ump9 has 4 attachment coins and use 9mm ammo, its existing meaning is that it is the most suitable for long-range fighting in shotguns and micro submachine guns.



pubg weapons - shotguns

all shotguns use ammo of 12 gauge

no.1 - s12k

that is the only one shotgun, as long as ak, and has the most 3 attachment coins. set up all 3 attachment coins, you will suspect it is a gun, the s1897 and s686 without muzzle mods can not compete with it, if you need shotgun, s12k 2 is the first choice!

no.2 - s686

this shotgun has the less magazine capacity, only 2 bullets! the use tactic of it is the speed, shot as fast as you can, if you couldn't hit down the enemy with two shots, you would get killed. muzzle modification can make the distribution becomes dense, slightly plus range to improve the fault tolerance of the distance, increase the morale but also reduce the tolerance of close encounters. if there are muzzle and bullet loops and there is no construction in battle battlefield, its choose priority is even higher than sg12.

no.3 - s1897

share same modifications with s686, because it is a single shotgun, fault tolerance is very low, it is not suit to choose as close weapon.



pubg weapons - pistols


using 7.62 ammo, has the largest ammo but the slowest pistol, do not recommend splashing, it is hard to kill the enemy. you can hit the body twice and give the head one shot. in the melee combat after landing, the one who get the r1895 mean has good luck.


the gun has hundreds of years history, use .45 ammo, its power is slightly smaller than the namgan but its shoot speed and change bullet is quick, can be used to rapid fire. its comprehensive ability is the best one in pistols .


sniper rifles

pubg weapons - sniper rifles

no.1 - awm

using .300 ammo, it is the weapon which is the greatest power, highest effective range, highest precision and the most hard to get in pubg. it is only available in airdrops, you can get its special bullets and 8x shots once you the gun, but you have to find the modifications for this sniper rifle by yourself. if you need enough good luck to spawn the awm, all players used it think it is good.

no.2 -  m24

5.56 ammo, compared to awm, its advantage reflect in the firing rate and small noise, but it's too difficult to obtain, can not break the lv3 helmets, but can shatter the lv2 helmets.

no.3 - kar98

strictly speaking, it is not belong to sniper rifle. its advantage in this game is relatively high probability to get, and do not rely on 4x shot and 8x shot, the technical players can use it well only with a red dot.

no.4 sks

usining 7.62 ammo and modifications of rifles, its comprehensive ability is excellent, its using in field is much better than rifles, we suggest you to get it if you have any chance unless you have owned a better sniper rifles.



pubg weapons - projectiles

frag grenade

4 seconds after the occurrence of pull ring action, it will bomb no matter you throw or not. the red line for guiding your throw is not absolutely accurate. you can throw it to smash the windows directly into the room, also can hit the window frame and the walls to rebound, its damage to the car and the man in the car is same.

molotov cocktail

remember to throw it after igniting it, it is going to burn once land. even though the enemy did not be hit by the molotov cocktail, he would get burning as long as he ran through or driving through the fire. it is the best weapon to smashing cars, but it has the lowest rate of access in throwing weapons.

smoke grenade

one of the useful weapon but ignored by players in the game, can smoke off one area tightly, regardless of people, also let others know that the fighting is going on here, it is more useful than stun grenade, but there is few players can use it well in the game. in short, professional player uses it to attack, and new players can use it to escape.

stun grenade

this grenade is very useful in cs, but useless in pubg. in the ten seconds after throwing,  it can shield sight and hearing, but the effective range is too limited, it only works well only in the cqb or fight in short range, it's loot rate is same as smoke grenade.



according to the modified parts are divided into muzzle mods, grips, stocks, extended mags, quickdraw mags, extended quickdraw mags, bullet loops, sights.


each sight has own advantages , 8x cqbss scope is the strongest, 4x acog scope is integrated first, red dot sight is the most suitable for melee, holographic sight is only for its fans, 2x scope, 15x pm ii scope is your last choice.

muzzle mods

muzzle is divided into suppressor, compensator, flash hider and choke, slightly reduced recoil. hides the flash effect when the weapon is fired, and by thus making it far harder to see your precise location. counter the recoil of a firearm and prevent the muzzle from climbing due to kickback from the rapid firing.


tow grips - angled foregrip and vertical foregrip, angled foregrip reduces horizontal and vertical recoil by a small amount; vertical foregrip reduces vertical recoil by a large amount.


the magazine is divided into quickdraw mags, extended mags. quickdraw mags increase the speed of reloading the bullet, the latter is faster than the former. extended mags increase the ammunition.


that's all our introductions about pubg weapons, hope to help you some, and good luck to every one to win win chicken dinner!

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