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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Players Are Annoyed By Desert Map Miramar, Tricks On Pubg Map Selection

1/30/2018 10:04:22 AM

until an option for map selection in pubg (playerunknown's battlegrounds) is installed, players trick the shooter.

during the early access phase, pubg only had the erangel map. each match took place on the same card until most players knew every spot there. just prior to launching in version 1.0 in december, the developers released the desert map "miramar" on the test servers. the players, who longed for a change of field, stormed the servers and romped around in the big sandmap.

but after less than a month, the sympathy of the desert map is decreasing and players prefer the green erangel map.

pubg aircraft jump miramar-970x500

no map selection? no problem!

anyone signing up for a match in pubg will automatically be assigned to either the erangel map or the new miramar map. the developers already confirmed that a feature should be built into the game where players can select a card before starting a match. but this function is still waiting and many players have no desire to be in the card selection in the hands of chance.

some simply do not like the new map well and want to stay with the usual erangel map with their houses and fields. but the automatic map selection sometimes feels too good about the desert map and often sends players there. this annoys players who actually did not want to have a new map.

as a solution, simply remove the relevant map data from the installation directory of the game. because if there is no miramar file, you can not get on the desert map. what sounds like a "this is too easy, that can not work out" solution at first glance, really works.


on reddit there will be a discussion where players present their solution for bypassing the miramar map. as a solution, most of the map data is either completely deleted, or simply renamed.


control pubg map selection yourself

after the changes have been made to the installation directory, you usually start your game. if coincidence then decides that miramar is the chosen card for you, you simply fly back to the lobby.

while not elegant, this solution saves a few seconds of loading screen before you would otherwise leave the game manually.


the map data will be installed in your steam folder. there you navigate to "steamapps", "common", "pubg", "tslgame", "content", "paks". in this folder you will find four files with ".pak" ending and "desert" in the name. you can rename, delete or move these to remove the map from the selection. if you start pubg after that, you should not start on the miramar map anymore.

this is too complicated? no problem. reddit user codexfive has written an app that handles the procedure for you. he provides his pubg map chooser here on

an intervention in game files is always associated with a certain risk, so there is the "try at your own risk" note.

recently, the developers still tricked themselves, as they achieved more performance with this small change. please check out our news page for pubg guides, also welcome to buy cheap pubg skins on!

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