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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Best Vehicle Guide For Pubg

5/6/2017 5:01:19 PM

the playable experience offered in playerunknown's battlegrounds requires us to be savvy users and with a strategy always clear in our mind if we want to be the winner of each of the contests. we are facing a battle royale that you can download via steam and from which many new developments are expected for the future. if you know the experience you know what pubg is about: being the only survivor of up to 100 soldiers who parachute on an island that has a force field and different bombings.


we have already given you the best combat strategies to get off to a good start in the game, and we have even told you which are the best weapons, but an indispensable element in the games are the vehicles. that's why we've decided to make a list of vehicles in playerunknown's battlegrounds by talking about their pros and cons so you know which one to use best in each situation.


playerunknown's battlegrounds vehicle guide


it is an open vehicle that has a small engine inside. this makes it relatively fast (more than the jeep) and lightweight when it comes to raiding elements of the stage and enemies. on the contrary to being discovered, the character is easily collapsible and above does not have anti-shielding protection on his body.



it is a medium-sized vehicle and is closed in its external area making it safer than the buggy. of course, this is a standard vehicle and can only withstand the damage imposed by small arms.



we have a vehicle for up to 4 crew members and it is the one that has the highest speed in the game, making it ideal for moving around the island. the bad thing is that it is easily visible due to its color and above makes enough noise what makes it very flip-flop.



it is dispersed by most of the coasts and allows us to move quickly from one area to another of the islands. yes, it is a relatively fast vehicle, but when discovered it can be easily knocked over and has a very weak body.



you have it with or without cover. it is a hybrid between the jeep and the buggy and although it is quite fast, does not have excessive armor in your body, so you could jump through the air while inside. it comes ideal for going off-road, but it consumes a lot of gas, so it will not last long.



they are not yet in the game, but they promise they will be very fast ... and maybe they will knock you down very easily in the same if they succeed in getting you right.



they are not even in the game yet, but it will be a vehicle that few weapons can knock down, although it is so slow that you may not want to take it in a crossfire because you will end up hitting.


these are the best vehicles for playerunknown's battlegrounds, and depending on the timing of the game and the type of strategy you have adopted, you will get better at one or the other. so choose wisely to move around the island.

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