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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Loot Crate Keys Will Be On Sale In Pubg?

5/5/2017 7:11:27 PM

after having enchanted multiplayer players on pc, playerunknown's battlegrounds continues to defray the chronicle. this umpteenth battle royale, a genre decidedly in vogue, today offers a not piqued news of cockchafers. the latter concerns the monetization of the title, a relatively sensitive coin.

playerunknown's battlegrounds loot crate keys

with its 2 million copies sold on steam in a month and ten days, the battengrounds of the "playerunknown" moderator, better known as brendan greene, waves the charts and streaming platforms. aware of the total success of his formula, which proved to be master in the art of recovering the players of h1z1: king of the kill, the development team wishes to pass to the higher speed concerning the economic model of its work and in an interview with gamasutra.

playerunknown's battlegrounds: soon sell loot crate keys?
like a counter strike: global offensive or a rocket league, playerunknown's battleground will eventually integrate a system of loot crates and keys, in other words crates that you will be able to win and open by buying keys thanks to the real money. the crates will be of different quality and will allow to win a random customization element in different selections of objects.

greene ensures that the investment will live up to the value and by opening a crate you can get a pubg skin that's worth £10 or $20, a practice that already exists on the steam marketplace, on which the studio currently does not touch anything. not very developed, this section still allows to buy a trenchcoat for 182 dollars ... note also that this feature is not very popular and rather hidden.

extremely important coin of greene's proposal: the system of loot crate keys will be implemented only after the end of the early access, a phase initially planned to "not last more than 6 months" which brings us back to a final release at the end of september 2017.

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