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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - New Pubg Guns & Weapons Skins Added To Loot Crates

3/27/2018 11:22:07 AM

a new update on the pubg test servers adds weapon skins and loot crates. in addition, the developers are currently testing a "soft" region lock.

playerunknown's battlegrounds - pubg guns & weapons skins

more options for customization: pubg gets its first weapons skins. but they are only available via loot crates and sometimes very, very rarely.


on the test servers of pubg a new patch has been added. as promised in the 2018 roadmap, the first weapons skins are entering the battle royale. the cosmetic items can be equipped in the options menu and arranged according to different categories.

there are two ways to get the new skins via lootbox mechanics. first, there are the triumph crates, which can only be opened with a special, paid key. the triumph crates can either be purchased via battle points (bp) or, with a bit of luck (20% weekly drop chance), move into the player inventory. the following pubg weapons skins (plus the rarity values) may contain the crates:

desert digital - r45: 15%

rugged (orange) - ump9: 15%

rugged (orange) - scar-l: 10%

rugged (orange) - m416: 10%

rugged (orange) - akm: 10%

rugged (orange) - kar98k: 10%

gold plate - win94: 5%

trifecta - p92: 5%

desert digital - mini14: 4.5%

trifecta - micro uzi: 4.5%

gold plate - sawed-off: 4.5%

desert digital - kar98k: 2.5%

trifecta - scar-l: 1.3%

desert digital - m416: 1.3%

gold plate - sks: 0.6%

glory - ump9: 0.32%

gold plate - s12k: 0.32%

glory - akm: 0.16%

the raider crates are the second new lootboxes in the league and do not require a key and can also be purchased for bp. however, as they are easier to open, the odds of lesser pubg weapon skins are lower:

rugged (beige) - crossbow: 20%

rugged (beige) - m16a4: 20%

rugged (beige) - s686: 20%

rugged (beige) - sks: 20%

rugged (beige) - kar98k: 6.5%

rugged (beige) - s12k: 6.5%

silver plate - r1895: 3%

jungle digital - p18c: 1.4%

silver plate - dp-28: 1.4%

silver plate - s1897: 0.4%

jungle digital - sks: 0.28%

silver plate - vector: 0.28%

turquoise delight - p1911: 0.08%

silver plate - scar-l: 0.05%

jungle digital - awm: 0.05%

turquoise delight - tommy gun: 0.028%

turquoise delight - kar98k: 0.0128%

turquoise delight - m16a4: 0.0128%

gold plate - s686: 0.0064%


revised matchmaking system


for some weapons skins you have to be extremely lucky.

in addition to this innovation, the developers are also testing a new matchmaking system. players will now only see servers that are in or near their region. however, it is possible to change the server region when connecting to a team partner from a distant region.

thus, while this is not a true region-lock, which many players demand because of a large number of cheaters from china, but the pubg makers are expected to accommodate the fans with something. pubg inventor brendan greene recently confirmed once again that he does not want a region lock.

currently the update is only available on the test servers. but he should already be played on 27 march on the live server.

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