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Pubg Best Loot Spots In Each City - Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Spawn Locations

5/17/2017 3:38:12 PM

the phenomenon of the moment on pc is certainly playerunknown's battlegrounds, and in this guide we will help you find all the pubg best loot spots and vehicles on the game map.

below we will explain where to find the loot and vehicles that will serve you to survive in the game and will be essential to have a better fit.

pubg loot/weapons/vehicle/boat/gun spawn locations map
as you can see from the map which is made by shatternl, there are several coins of interest, the red ones are the coins where you will have more opportunities to find useful objects, while the blue ones with less chance.

pubg best loot spots in each city - playerunkown's battlegrounds spawn locations

  • high % loot (red): high risk, high reward locations - lots of  players will go here if the airplane flies over or near it.

  • medium % loot (yellow): medium risk, medium reward locations - good for a squad of 3-4 players, but can vary based on rng.

  • low % loot (blue): low risk, low reward locations - usually safe locations, but only has loot for 1-2 players, varies a lot based on rng.

  • 100% vehicle spawns: garages across the map that have always have a car in them!

  • high % gun loot: places where you'll find a guns >90% of the time.

  • vehicle spawn %: possible locations where vehicles can spawn.

  • boat spawn %: possible locations where boats can spawn.


considerable vehicle/loot locations in each city
georgopol - the largest city of the game, divided into two sections. the residential area to the north and the naval shipyard to the south, the south navigation area is generally the most challenging and contested area of the players, so it is better to opt for the north side that should be the safest.

lipovka - this mid-sized city has a good assortment of weapons and at least one guaranteed vehicle. it is a little off road and not as busy as the other areas listed here, making it a great opportunity to land. just be sure to protect the vehicle or you will be on foot.

mylta - mylta is one of the biggest players in the game, but there are usually not many players because of the proximity of mylta power and the sosnovka military base. if you're looking for something in these parts, be careful about the vehicles that will be passing through the nearby streets, because they might be enemies who want to get you out.

mylta power - this area is one of the most populated by pubg players, given its remarkable equipment and equipment in abundance even if it is a fairly small area. the multi-storey buildings and the illumined corridors make it a great place to camp and approach the final victory.

novorepnoye - there are many vehicles and boats in this area that are often supported by plenty of loot, making novorepnoye a great area for parachuting and away from the chaos of the nearby sosnovka military base, although we advise you to take a vehicle at most soon to get away from these two areas, thus avoiding being surrounded.


primorsk - coastal town with a decent loot, but the unsecured presence of a vehicle makes it a risk for the players. near the latter, exactly north, there is a ranks of trees and a hill where you can take refuge after being spawned.

rozhok - the large amount of vehicles and the proximity to the rozhok school and apartments where it takes refuge makes rozhok one of the most contested cities in the game. but players can also choose to go to the hills behind the city to avoid the busiest spots; even in this case the best action to do is to steal a car and head elsewhere.

rozhok school - the building is definitely the most contested in the game. the school has plenty of weapons and clashes between players. if you can survive, the central location of the school makes it one of the most recommended places to climb. this is not an area for the weak in the heart.

severny - very few people choose to parachute in this small country town, making it ideal for those who want to start playing without too much pressure, though, anyway, the lack of a spawn spawn coin for vehicles will result in rapid movement to the nearest area.

sosnovka military base - the sosnovka military base is the most controversial game in the game as there are dozens of players who choose this place to start the game and at the same time is an area full of loot, although it is advised to stay away from quest 'area if you do not already have adequate equipment.

yasnaya polyana - this city has an abundance of weapons and spawned vehicles. be sure to check the hangars to find extremely useful loot such as excellent pubg skins, but beware of the players in the apartments. the plains and fields around it make it difficult to lock, so be careful when you move around.

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