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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Winning Tips For New Players - Pubg Guide To Get Chicken Dinner

5/16/2017 6:05:16 PM

what is the purpose of playing playerunknown's battlegrounds. survive and take the first!

our raiders purpose is to let you know what you should to do, how to live, how to catch and kill more people in the game. become the last player, can get all the things.

playerunknown's battlegrounds winning tips for new players

these are what you have to understand. if this is a real world, at least you have to understand the "dark forest law", what is the dark forest law?
here is a dark forest, each player is a hunter with a gun, sneak in the forest like a ghost, gently dial the branches on the road, trying not to make a little sound, even breathing must be careful: he must be careful all time, because the forest is full of sneak hunters everywhere, if a hunter found other lives, only one thing he can do: shot and kill. in this forest, to a hunter, others are hell and the eternal threat, any one that exposes his existence will soon be destroyed, this is the picture of the universe civilization, which is the interpretation of the fermi paradox. once found, only one party can survive, or both can not survive.
so you should understand: 1, survival is your first need; 2, your materials continue to grow and expand, but the total amount of material in the game remains the same. 3, assuming there are hundreds of hunters in the forest, there may be ninety of those who do not care about the airdrops; in the remaining ten hunters, there may be nine detect the location of the airdrops, also ignore the airdrops even there is no one; then in the last three remaining hunters, certainly someone will make such a choice: to open a shot to the position of the airdrops, attack may be more effort than the detection, but also more security than the detection, if there is really nothing on that position, you have no lose. but you have to know that the attack will expose the attacker's location, so don't try this unless you can not live in the absence of things.


1, parachute: although the location of the plane is random, but also has a regular, aircraft flight routes must go through the first wave of radiation circle. the first coin to survive is do not jump in advance. into the island range can be prompted by f. you can adjust the third person perspective to see the back of the plane. when you can press f, people crow parachuting. material is limited, but so many people, if you jump at this time, you would get killed once you landed. although you are survived, there is little items left to loot.

  • so, do not jump in advance, wait until the middle of the island or the end. skip the map before parachuting, use the right-hand button to mark the location you want to go. jump to the big city, or the aircraft route is far from the location.

  • do not open the umbrella in advance, let it automatically open, or you will be aimed by someone, and wait for you to land.

  • if there are other people near the floor, there are only two or three houses in front of you, a fighting can not be avoided, flew into the house to pick up the gun. then keep the door to see if any ambush. generally there is a gun on the roof of the house, so you can parachute to the roof and pick up. there are a lots of loots in the military base. three courtyard (the place has a circular flower bed in middle) in which you often can loot 4 power lens, 8 power lens and all kinds of guns. and next to the north side of the road you can loot cars. next to the tower, you also can find out a lots of loots. the rest is the big cities, the loots certainly more than in the town. but more people.

2, all the guns. in addition to sniper, all can be adjusted by b to single shot or running fire, sniper can be adjusted the distance from sight to zero. m16 and ak are the most common ones. the running fire of m16 is three-shot, press your mouse to shot in quick succession. be careful. all in addition to m16 and charge, do not open burst mode. scar is good, but recoil huge, need accessories full of circumstances when the sniper with relatively good. naked gun is not recommended. hk416 stability is very good, coupled with complete accessories, even use as snipe is more powerful, but more difficult to pick up. its accessory slot is one more than the scar.

3, accessories

  • compensator (increase stability, reduce the recoil force, increase the rate of fire) charge speed is particularly evident.

  • flame arrester (no fire, increase the rate of fire), muffler (you all see it a good thing).

  • holographic sight (2 times in the game is actually doubled), red dot and four coin change (1 times the zoom is a little red dot, good to aim), 4 x shot conch aog fiber (it is essential to be winner), 8 x shot sniper (the middle of the artifacts step sniper attacks sniper equipment, it is not good to use as well as the 4 x shot at the end of the game) 15 x shot sniper (only in the airsrops).

  • all butt (increase stability and speed).

  • straight grip (increase stability aiming stability), triangle grip (lift aiming speed).

  • expanded clip (plus 10 rounds of ammunition), quick clip (increase the speed of the bomb), rapid expansion of the clip (increase the speed of the bomb at the same time increase 10 shots)

the configuration we recommend:
sniper+rifle, rifle+sub-machine gun, rifle+ rifle

4, after landing, the primary goal is to find guns and the helmet of body armor to protect yourself, followed by backpack, drug and bullets. then look at the radiation range on the map. determine your location and the location you want to go. if you are in the white circle, keep looting. if you are too far away from the circle, leave in 2 minutes away, if near, leave in 1 minute away. the location of to loot car is generally on the road, even you can loot blue car in repair rooms which is on both sides of the road.

5, keep running to the center of the white circle. observe around before entering a house, and then look from the corner of the door. press ctrl to enter the room. search the house and upstairs make sure no one to loot things here! you can judge if there is any enemy by the sound, to prevent be fished by someone. generally fishing strategy is used in the second - four waves. in the house which is at the edge of the security circle, put medical bags and medicine in the house, then close all doors, squatting at corner and wait for others. this fishing strategy require submachine gun and bursts of ammunition. two-level body armor can increase the weight. three russian welding helmets can prevent a lot of guns headshot, but could not resist submachine gun. there are two ways to run a circle: one is running against the circle. no matter where the security circle, remember to run close to the blue circle. run away the blue circle, if the time is sufficient, keep run beside the circle, and don't try to shoot the opponent far away from you, it is very dangerous to exposure your position, pay attention to the gunfire and the kills on the lower left corner, this is really the time to test your eyesight.

6, extended stay is also a way to survive, althou we do not recommend. usually squatting in grass. it is not easy to be found if you hide in the grass, or lie behind a tree. do not shot the opponent far away you urgently, check your weapons loaded or not first, tune into a single model, pay attention to whether there are others around you, then take a tummy shot. bullets have ballistic delay, so you need to predict the enemy forward position, use the 4x shot to aim the opponent if the distance is too far. after killing, do not worry to pick up his bag, watch for a while to make sure no one around you, then tummy loot things, gunfire may lead to the enemy. if you are attacked by others, remember to run away as the s line. do not go straight! do not panic when you are attacked, listen to the sound to determine the location of your enemy. looking for shelters to hide and do bandages. observe, if you do not find people then continue to run. if you find some one, use 4 x shot to aim.

7, airdrops is the standard to determine the location of the safe area!

the position of air drops must be in the next wave of gas safety circle. through this coin you can determine and move in advance.

if you are able to get to a position where you can snipe people going to the airdrop to get the loot, you will have some easy kills. and if not, better just get some distance to the dropped box, or dumb people that are running to the airdrop will see you.

what kinds of pubg skins and weapons is in the airdrops?

  • ghillie-suit - camoflages you in the gras.

  • x15 scope - good for sniper or ar.

  • adrenaline-syringe - gives some health regeneration.

  • med-kit - regenerates all your health in 10 seconds.


  • m249 - a heavy machinegun which is very good on mid range. shoots fast, high damage

  • tommy gun - also some kind of heavy weapon which deals good damage.

  • m24 - a sniper rifle [often with a  scope in one airdrop] which deals second highest damage.

  • awm - comparable with awp --> highest damage, headshot insant kill even with helmet level 3.

  • sks - a sniper you can also find in the whole map, but not bad.

  • kar98k - same as the sks, it just shoots slower and makes more damage. 

8, if there are about 20 people left. it is necessary to squat. when the third wave of blue circle appear, there are about 30 or so people left, remember not to drive, this time you need to be careful, squatting, try not to run, do not take too much risk to kill. also pay attention to the back of you when you are squatting on the roof of the house. if you want to stay and snipe, first break the glass with the fist, and then sniping. but must always pay attention on your behind!

9, fishing strategy
this is the most fun way to kill and it is a fast way to take score, even more score than the first one.
car fishing.
usually put a car in the bridgehead. blew the tire which face to your hiding position (not noticeable). squat in the bushes, or house. or lying behind the tree. kill anyone come to pick up the car, do not hesitate. it is best to use 4 x shot rifle to shoot. do not go to loot the package. keep squatting as long as you are in the security zone.
airdrops fishing.
need to have a house nearby, or a sniper rifle. also you need a car to loot the airdrops at the fastest speed. take away everything in the airdrop, just leave a gun without any bullet in it, then run away. kill the anyone who came to pick up the airdrop.

room fishing
disguise no one in the house, doors are closed. put the medical package and drinks on the place which can be look at from the entrance and corner position. wait for someone to pick up the things and kill. after killing, you can also continue to fish with the dead man.

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