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Csgo Ranks Introduce And Upgrade Guide

5/17/2017 8:04:09 PM

we know a lot of players played csgo know rank, but many new players do not know what is the csgo ranks exactly. for mm, rank will be more difficult, the number of people limited to 10 people in the 5v5 game, in the game you have to learn how to use money effectively, need to communicate with your four teammates and use effective tactics to get the game victory with the five players' cooperation. also you win more in the rank, more frag you can get, so that your ranks will be higher, your game skill will become very powerful.

csgo ranks introduce and upgrade guide

csgo ranks list - first let's introduce you the csgo ranks simply:

1. silver 1

2. silver 2

3. silver 3

4. silver 4

5. silver elite

6. silver elite master

7. gold nova 1

8. gold nova 2

9. gold nova 3

10. gold nova master

11. master guardian 1

12. master guardian 2

13. master guardian elite

14. distinguished master guardian

15. legendary eagle

16. legendary eagle master

17. supreme master first class

18. the global elite


you can find out your csgo ranks according to above picture, now we are how does the csgo ranks system work:

csgo ranks upgrade - elo coins calculation method

one kill before boom drop +2

one assist before boom drop +1

boom drop t +2(no matter tear down or not)

t make kills after boom drop +3

ct make kills after boom drop +2

t make assists after boom drop +1

t survive after boom drop +1

ct boom drop +2

ct survive after boom drop +1

tk teammates -2(till to 0, kick automatically for 3 times tk)

no coin for the mvp of t or ct

no coin for save


effective ways to reach the higher cs go ranks

  • upgrade to a gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard ($100~)

  • upgrade to a gaming 1ms monitor ($200~)

  • duo queue with a high ranking player

  • study how the pros do strategies and their map positions on a pro stream

  • practice with one or two particular guns and become very good with them


so it is not true that the kda and mvp can make ranks upgrade more easier, while the one have more frag can get high ranks fast, and the one have more frag also can get more mvp.


in short, wins and frag is the core of the csgo ranks upgrade, do not be confused by the kda and mvp, in the game kda is not the final measure of the standard, and sometimes death is to make a sacrifice for the win of the team, better implementation of tactics can help your team obtain wins, so do not pay too much attention on kda in the course of the game. when necessary, you should stand out to help the team to win.

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