How does delivery work?

How does delivery work?

Rocket League


1. Please keep online in the rocket league, we will add you as friend and invite you to party in game and trade with you.

2. For credits. you have to put an any junk item in the trade when trading the credits with us, otherwise the trade can not be completed.

3. For new registered players, you have to purchase at least 500 credits in rocket league game shop or esports tokens, then you can trade in game.

4. Must enabled two-factor authentication (2fa).

5. The account who will trade with you is probably not the account who invite you into the party, please join in and accept the trade whoever invite you.

6. Player name must be correct, otherwise we cannot trade.

7. Please do not invite us after you join in the party, it will lead to an error.

8. If you purchase a lots of different items, then it probably need to trade by more than one account, when we trade you please make sure accept trade immediately then we can use another account to trade you again for the rest.

9. Some salable items are out of stock temporarily, we will trade them to you once we restore it.




1.Player auction: you have to sell one of your player card in transfer market and set the buy now price at the amount you purchase, you will get the coins after we bought your player card.

(1). Please list up the player card in transfer market,set with the special start price and strongly recommended the auction duration as 3 days,after that fill in the player's details in our site.

(2). If you want to purchase a large amount of coins by listing the 10k player cards up, please add the 10k order to the cart multiple times and pay for it at one time.

(3). Please list up the player card before you pay.

(4). Start price don't be too low and also don't be too high, the specific price range can refer to the details on the order page.

(5). We do not cover the player costs and auction fee.


2. Comfort trade: you need to provide us your origin account information then we log in your account to transfer the coins to your account. Your origin transfer market must be unlocked then it can work.

(1).Make sure that your account is available to use transfer market on web app.

(2).Please make sure your transfer list is empty and have at least 2000 coins on your account.

(3).How to get backup code? Https://myaccount.Ea.Com/cp-ui/security/index

(4).Please make sure turn on your login verification then you can get the backup codes, and keep the verification on, do not turn it off. (5).Please do not log in your fifa before order finish.


3. Buy fifa22 players: you need to provide us your origin account information then we log in your account to transfer the coins to your account, then use the coins to buy the player for you.




1. You have to sell your player card in auction house and set the buy now price at the amount you purchase, you will get the myteam points after we buy your player card

2. To ensure that duration auction as accurate as possible, post the player cards for 24 hours is recommended strongly.

3. Starting bid using random prices, for example, using 32,700 instead of 30,000 will help improve the delivery speed.

4. Please complete the payment as soon as possible after fill right the transaction information to ensure that the time is correct you enter.


Animal Crossing


1. Must to connect online internet play, setting dodo code of allow everyone can join, after you made purchase, we will come to your island to drop you items on your island.

2. If buy bells, we will deliver gold nuggets, please sell to timmy (npc) get bells. Please do not sell gold nuggets in the drop-off box after the nook's cranny shop closes, because the drop-off box buy items at 80% their normal value, deducting 20% in fees.

3. Please suspend auto-sleep mode on switch in case of your island get closed.




1. For roubles: through flea market,you have to add an offer in flea market set the i want price at the amount you gonna buy, you will get the roubles after we buy your items in market, we don't cover the market fee or tax.

2. You have to get better item then you can do this with lesser tax, and you need to get one item to sell for at least 1million then we can start this process.

3. For bitcoin and items: you need to add our account in game, we will invite you into game to drop you items by face to face trade. Https://www.Aoeah.Com/help/39-how_to_trade_eft_items_by_face_to_face

4. Thicc items case must be barter through the flea market, please prepare enough rubles for trading fee in advance.




1. Please keep online in game after you ordered, our delivery guy will send a friend request to you, please accept it as soon as possible.

2. After accept the friend request, please enter our deliver guy's world and move to his place quickly.

3. If you bought bottle caps, please sell an normal item for the amount of your purchased. (The single items sell price is limits to 5000 caps, so if you ordered 10,000 caps. please list 2 items for 5000 caps each.).

4. If you bought the fallout 76 items, we will sell the items with 0 caps for you.

5. An account can hold 30000 caps maximum, the extra caps are not allowed to have and will be erased by bethesda.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account

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Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account

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