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Detail Guide To Planting Rare Archeage Archeum Trees

11/18/2014 4:13:24 PM

archeum trees are special in the archeage world. archeum logs are rare materials for crafting useful items. on the one hand, you can purchase such trees on mirage island if you have enough gold. of course, you can plant them and harvest logs and even archeum dust/shards/crystals.

detail guide to planting rare archeage archeum trees

archeum tree saplings-to plant archeum trees, you need archeum tree saplings. the sapling can be bought from mirage island.

auroria mineral water ticket- you have to buy auroria mineral water ticket on mirage island. you can get five tickets per glida.

a farming land- you can find a farming land to plant to archeum tree saplings on auroria. the growth of archeum tree saplings requires a continuous supply of auroria mineral water to survive.

auroria mineral water- auroria mineral water is necessary for you to plant archeum trees. for the western faction, you can exchange your ticket at two crowns harbor and get a trade pack which is a giant barrel. for the east faction, you go to the docks of austeria where there's a huge pile of funky looking crates, and then take a barrel of auroria mineral water with auroria mineral water ticket. then use auroria mineral water for those saplings.

in general, archeum trees need ten hours to grow. when they become mature, you can gather archeum dust, shard or crystal. if cutting them, you can obtain a small number of archeum logs.

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