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Fifa 15 Latest 5-3-2 Formation Tactic Analysis

11/17/2014 5:30:10 PM

fifa15 is very popular all over the world,  many of fifa lovers are very are fond of the five-three-two formation. i tried 5-3-2 formation. surprisedly, i found it is very useful: in ten match , i win six, three draw. even playing real madrid barcelona, it is no longer weak. i summed up my thought about 5-3-2 formation.

5-3-2 formation tactic

playing resolutely and anti counterattack. when the opponents offend, i cut the opponent defending midfielder and defend. your backs do not aerial duel, but steal a ball and pass to the midfield hulk. after getting the ball, the offensive three-player group makes empty space, over the tip on it. i played three backs before. now there are two more backs to make me relaxed and stable in the back of court. in the case that opponent forcibly shoots in the midfield, you can pull defending midfielder. then ciro gets to the end line and byline as quickly as possible. the opponent player pull ? and let opponent center. anyway, center is no threat basically.

practical coping

how to crack the 5-3-2 formation? i from ten matches, i found that the three defending midfielders is the hardest, because when i stole a ball in the back and successful pass to hulk, i would always face the attack of two opponent defending midfielders. i can not wriggle through the crowd, so it is very low success rate of passing a ball to my strike. even if successfully passing, my two strike will encounter the complete four defenders.
if you fight against the 5-3-2 formation, you can try this tactics. if you have such better tactics, please share them here.

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