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20K! Build A Strong Ligue1 Squad In Fifa 15

2/11/2015 11:37:43 PM

championnat de france de football ligue, abbreviated as ligue1 or l1, which is the highest level of professional soccer league in france, organized by the french football association. and ligue1 is one of europe’s top five leagues, represents the world’s top football level, attracted many star players to join, also lead the new direction of development of world football, so there are many strong players in this league, now today we will teach you how to set up a very strong ligue1 with 20k fifa 15 coins int the game.

squad is as follows:

squad link:

the speed of 3 attackers very fast and has a good shooting ability, with 3 good midfielders who has a good vision and pas, easy scoring with a through ball or drop pass. and this squad unlike some squads only st is attack coin, while its lw and rw is also very good for scoring, it can be said that its attacking coins so much! for defenders, 4 players have very good speed that can fast back defend.

if you want to need a cool team, but the lack of fifa 15 coins, so i believe this team is good choice for you, you deserve!


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