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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Dunk Tutorial After Patch 4 - Best Dunk Packages And Animations On 2K21 Next Gen

2/24/2021 11:17:40 AM

What are the best dunk packages in NBA 2K21? What are the best dunk animations in NBA 2K21? To perform a dunk in NBA 2K21, it’s not easy as you think. Next, we bring you a guide that breaks down every best NBA 2K21 next gen best dunk packages and best dunk animations for every build after patch 4. So that you can get contact dunks consistently and be unstoppable!

NBA 2K21 Next Gen Dunk Tutorial After Patch 4 - Best Dunk Packages And Animations On 2K21 Next Gen

Dunk Packages 1 - Best One Hand Dunk Packages

First of all, we got the best one-hand dunk packages in NBA 2K21, there are a lot of are available like One-Handers Off One, Athletic One-Handers Off One, Quick Drops Off One and more. When it comes to the best one-hand dunk package in the game is Athletic One-Handers Off One that has the perfect balance of being unblockable and the perfect balance of flashy and freaky. A lot of people like using Athletic One-Handers Off One that you have the best NBA 2K21 dunk animation. Both Rim Grazers Off One and Basic One-Handers Off One are also really good unblockable dunk packages.

tow hand dunk packages

Best Two Hand Dunk Packages

When it comes to the best two-hand dunk packages we got a very big variety such as Front Clutches, Side Clutches Off One, Back Scratches Off Two, or any Back Scratches whatever you want to go with. Meantime, Fist Pump Rim Pulls is overpowered which is really good for players who like to do cradle dunks, euro dunks, hop dunks or spin dunks. As for the best, fastest and most unblockable two hand packages in NBA 2K21 is Quick Drop Off One. In terms of everything, you can use this on any build.

Best Miscellaneous Dunk Packages

This is the best one for the miscellaneous when it comes to the player dunk packages like the Reverses, 360 the windmills. The one that has NBA 2K21 best dunk animation is Baseline Reverses Off Two, and is the best miscellaneous dunk package. You can also go with Reverses Off One, but they are not as overpowered as they were on 2K20 but they are better than 2K21 current gen.

Best Regular Dunk Packages

The best big man dunk packages we got the Under Basket Regular, this is going to give you the most simple and regular two-hand up and down dunk. Moreover, you can get your two every single time.

Best Elite Alley-Oop

Next, is going to be the best Elite Alley-OOP package in NBA 2K21, Eilte Alley-Oop is the best one in the game. 

 Best Pro Alley-Oop 

Pro Alley-Oop is suitable for the big man but it also has a lot of dunk packages similar to Elite.  Elite Alley-Oop is more for people that are just trying to cut and get contacts or just run to the rim. Pro is for standing up but also for people that just can't even afford elite.

 Best Pro Contact Alley-Opp

When it comes to Pro Contact Alley-Opp, you have to put as many of the packages as possible. If you get Pro Contact Alley-Opp, Elite Contact Alley-Opp, Small Contact Alley-Opp, Big Man  Alley-Opp. As a matter of fact, there are not really the best 2K21 next gen animations for dunking, just put all the animation as many as you can. So that you can have an animation for every single situation and you can be able to have the frequency go up. 

 Best Pro Contact Dunk

Alley-Opp and Contact Dunks are slightly different. Contact dunk takes a bit more skills to do and has more animations for every situation. Unless if you had tendencies that would simple for you.

 Best Elite Contact Dunk

Elite Contact Dunk has always been the best dunk animations NBA 2K21, but Pro Contact Dunk has more variety of animations. If you're trying to get crazy on somebody, Elite Contact Dunk got the freakiest one, Pro got the walkover instead and crazy ones on 2k21 next gen.

 Best Pro Big Contact Dunks

If you can get the elite big man contact, get those. There’s no denying that those on a different level than the pro, Pro Big Contact Dunks literally gave us the contact dunk that we had for big men.

 Best Elite Big Contact Dunks

Pro Big Contact Dunks has a lot more animations for dunk, Elite has less. In this case, it’s a lot harder to get elite contact off the trigger. If you want to get more contact dunks just put on.

 Best Park Dunk Package1

This is up to you and you can go with any of these dunk animations. These animations have slightly distinctive, for example, some of them are based off behind the backs, 360s, alley-opp, or between the legs. If you are trying to have more fun at the games, strongly recommended put them all on.

 Best Park Alley-Oop Packages 1

The last dunk packages are Park Alley-Oop 1 has some of the best park alleys oops in NBA 2K21.

Park Alley-Oop Packages 2

Park Alley-Oop 2 is the best and has a variable amount of animations.

Park Alley-Oop Packages 3

Jordan Kilganon Alley-Opp has the best NBA2K21 dunk animations on next gen after patch 4.

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