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FIFA 21 TOTW Market Tips & How To Make Coins Trading With RTTF Cards

2/23/2021 7:50:24 PM

This is a market watch tutorial, about the all-around market but also how to trading with these roads to the final cards and how you could potentially make some money with them during the games and also maybe before they get their upgrades.

So let's talk about the market, what is going on right now? We had a very chill Monday on the market. Like the future star investments works very well, they did very well out of packs. But the team of the week inflated a lot and this was expected. the lowest point for a team of the week is normally before the weekend when there's no promo because they don't have any supply on like the Friday or the Saturday. They don't have that supply that they normally do get. We're getting more party bags and a winter refresh guarantee or a carnival guarantee. They are coming soon here, so information will be needed for more SBCs. 

- Coates -

Today on Tuesday, please look out for the Coates card. If you can find this at 20K, great investment! He gets a link to Muslera, which could easily be needed for an SBC that has high chemistry. so a player like Coates has close to 20K you can get. It’s for a long-term hold, not just selling in a few day's time, you need to wait on that, see if an SBC comes out.


- Muriel -

Another card to be on the lookout for is this Muriel. This Muriel card is actually pretty good. But you need to pay attention to his roads to the final, the reason for that is because his roads to the final right now it's zero for some reason. He's 130K coins. This is a great investment, this is a fantastic investment to bank on a potential rise in the road to the final, which would cause the other cards to start rising as an alternative to the 84 roads to the final. So this player is around 40K-ish, buy it! Get on the low of its fluctuation for this Muriel card. So that’s all for the team of the weeks.

- TOTW 22 Predictions -

Now let's talk about TOTW 22 predictions, now they have Kante, Holland, etc. Those are your key names for this TOTW, not a good team of the week as per usual because the whole reward system sucks. but Kante is the standout name that you can see. What investors are will be doing, regardless if you had a good performance or not, it doesn't even matter if he did. If he gets in the team of the week, his gold cards will go up, because investors will buy into that. So right now Kante has a price of 125K. If you find this at like 120K, this card is probably going over 130K by Wednesday morning, going into the 6 pm drop. Because people will expect this player to be in the team of the week and knowing that his card will go out of packs. So this player in the 120K, you can easily see a 130K plus on this and that would be a pretty good return on investment on that.

- Road To The Final -

Now let's talk a little bit about roads in the finals over the next couple of days. This is a big week for roads in the finals due to the upgrades that they're going to be getting this Friday night, you're going to have the Europa league second legs concluded, and those are when they're going to get their upgrades, but you're also going to have these first legs of a lot of the UCL ties. So here's how you could trade and make some money possibly during the games. We always tell you to take the coins on cards prior to the game. When a team lost the game, the player you want on that team will tank. That’s why you have to sell these cards in the hype because you need to be safe, we don't want you to lose thousands of coins.

And that’s a wrap for all the TOTW Market Tips and on How To Make Coins Trading With RTTF Cards guide we are given you today and click HERE to see more!

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