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FIFA 21 Winter Refresh Player Rating Predictions - Who Is Getting A Upgrade

2/23/2021 10:23:01 AM

Every year in FIFA, EA releases winter upgrades, and they are about to release in FIFA ultimate team over the next few weeks. After hours of research, we’ve gathered the Fifa 21 Winter Refresh Player Ratings. On the massive upgrade spreadsheet below, every single upgrade that has been added to the player database within FIFA itself the game FIFA 21 has been added here. so we're going through some players, so you can understand which upgrades are going to be happening within the ultimate team.

So without further ado, let's go!


- Harry Kane - 

With a plus-one rating at the top of the premier league upgrade to 89. And have UCL cards ed by two or more. He also will be getting the 90 raids in form, his record-breaker will stay the same due to how he calculated these upgrades.

- Heung Min Son - 

With a nice plus two upgrade, which is gonna be brilliant for the ultimate team, and that's pretty big for Heung Min Son because now he's got that upgrade of plus two, his inform becomes a 90. his player of the month becomes a 91, and his headliner becomes a 91. so if you have his card for headliners, that is a very nice upgrade there and there are changes to those cards.

- Bruno Fernandez -

With a plus one, he will get an upgrade on every single card there for Bruno Fernandez except for his team of the year. so very nice if you've got his play of the month card completed.

- Jamie Vardy -

Jamie Vardy from Leicester gets the plus one on his inform, his record-breaker stays the same.

- Joao Cancelo -

He’s got the road to the final card, all of his special informs though and kind of special cards will stay the same.

- Jack Grealish - 

With a plus three, so if you have completed any of Jack Grealish's cards, which are special items then you'll be getting a nice upgrade thereof plus two to his inform rating, his team of the nominee card does stay the same.

- Pierre Emil Hoiberg - 

He will be getting a plus two overall rating, so he's getting no upgrade to his special cards. The next few would not be getting any upgrades to the special items, but you can see which players are getting the upgrade itself.

- Diogo Jota -

He's been injured a lot, but realistically a plus two is probably deserved in terms of how good he is in real life. a plus two is nice to see for mighty in Liverpool.

- James Madison -

With only plus one, EA always just ruined James Madison's FIFA cards, don't they?  Even with upgrades, he always just gets ruined with these upgrades stats. James Madison is an outstanding footballer there's no way that should be plus one if anything. he and Jack Grealish should probably both be 84. they're both very good players.

That’s all the highlight players we are covering in this article, click HERE to see more!  

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