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Madden 21 Best 96 Power Pass - Top Five 96 Cards To Use Power Pass On During The Series Five

2/22/2021 12:10:08 PM

This is a guide on who to use your 96 overall and 97 overall power pass for the series five. A lot of other madden players need this info and a lot of people really could use a guide like this. We have five of each for you in this guide, so five 96 overall of players you should use it on and 97 overall to we have five of those as well. Let's head right into the 96 overalls.

- Deion Sanders -

It's not a ranking list, this is not listed in any particular order. So sitting at number one is Deion Sanders. 96 speed corner, meaning when you do power him up you can get 99 speed without a theme team on him, which is why he probably is still the best corner in the game because he's very versatile, has the highest man in the game, and also that 95 zones so you get those both to 99. The press is a little low and not as good as we'd like to see it. But getting a 99 speed and a 99 zone 99 men guaranteed with a card, with the power pass that you don't have to spend a dime on really makes him nice. He's sitting at 500k still right now, just because of how good he is, everybody knows how good this card truly is. He will always be expensive and this is why you should use a 96 on him if you truly do need a corner.

- Lawrence Taylor -

The other one we have here is Lawrence Taylor. he is an outside linebacker, so say if you were doing the challenges for the free 50 players and you took maybe a Deion Sanders and you already don't have Lawrence Taylor, maybe this is the player you need, you want both of them on your team. You could take Lawrence Taylor for your free 50 players and use your 96 power pass on Deion, or the other way around.

- Terry Mclaurin -

Another option you could use here is this 96 overall Terry Mclaurin. He will be fairly expensive, even with the redux being given to him. he is a receiver, powering him up like Deion Sanders, you can hit 99 base speed without a theme team. He honestly might be a smidge behind Isaac Bruce, just because Isaac Bruce does get that route runner archetype, but anyways when you're looking at this Terry Mclaurin is an animal, you saw him in almost every single MCS game. he is just a beast of a player. 

- L’jarius Sneed -

L’jarius Sneed is another great corner you could use here, he will be getting a redux as well. But he will probably still have a fair price, despite being a top-five corner. Sitting at 95 base speed, he is 6'1" as well, so he is a very tall and fast corner. L’jarius Sneed is a beast and honestly should be on most people's teams. This is another card the 96s are kind of falling off. So a player like L’jarius Sneed will probably be still be going for around 300 to 400k even with the redux.

- Barry Sanders -

Barry Sanders is another kind of a wild card. 96 overall power pass, he will never get redux, so he's sitting at this 350k price probably for a while. But he's not the craziest running back like there's a Bo Jackson at 96, but a lot of people already have that. Having this player set at 96 being your backup even for the whole year, even if he gets another upgrade, he could even be your starter. But if you're that set on your team that you can use your 96 power pads for a backup, then barry is that player to use. Because you can get every single team chem, but this player could also playing for your team too. He is going to be a 97 overall player powered up, so he is a very very solid card, there's no taking away from it.

So that’s all for the best five 96 cards to use power pass on during the series five and click HERE to see more!

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