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Madden 21 Best Ultimate Legends - Top 10 Ultimate Legend In Madden 21

2/22/2021 11:17:06 AM

This a top 10 rankings on the brand new ultimate legends that just got released there are five offense and five defensive players. It's all different positions and hard to grade them on a pure one through ten. This list is only one way to value them. So you can try these cards out and draw your own conclusions. Without further ado, let's get right into it!

- 10. Travis Frederick -

Center is one of the most unimportant positions on the field, if you think about it, they're almost in a double team every single play unless they're rushing five. But it's just an offensive lineman. There's nothing really to be exciting here. He's not a bad card, he's easily the best center in the game plus a power-up.

- 09. Steve Hutchinson -

He is a great card but it's just offense linemen, they're not just the craziest cards. You're going to be putting there at the end, they're not going to be doing anything, they're not going to be dominating for you. It's just not very enticing. You can’t put these over other players. Although these players are doing everything every play, it just comes down to having the best offensive linemen in the game, doesn't matter at the end of the day because you will still get blitz, you still will get sacked.

- 08. Harry Carson -

The middle linebacker Harry Carson, this player does not seem terrible at all. In past maddens, this player would be insane. But in madden 21, linebackers sadly do not jump. So right here we do have him at eight. He does look amazing, the power's insane, the zone coverage is insane, the block shed is insane. He's pretty fast, has a power-up. But at the end of the day, they just can't jump no matter what their height is. If you're playing against a runner, you could sub him in. If you have that many coins where you're sitting a 97 middle linebacker on your bench. But an all-around great card.

- 07. Corey Dillon -

This card is very underwhelming, the reason he is above other players is he's more of a playmaker for you. But at 93 speed this late in the game, base you still have to power him up, you have to buy his 91 he has in the game, then this 97. The stats they're all perfect, but then the speed is the big thing you're looking for, and at running back 93 base speed is just not the best at all right now.

- 06. Mean Joe Greene -

This is always just gonna be a big player for you. Defensive linemen are a little more valuable than offensive linemen because great defensive linemen are just going to beat the better offensive linemen it seems like almost all the time no matter what if you put the right abilities on him. He is also pretty fast, you could power him up to an 82 speed base, and then obviously you'd have a sprinter team comes whatever you put on him. But then just every other set is insane, high blockshed, high power move, the strength is insane. An all-around great card.

- 05. Brian Dawkins -

Here the one disappointment about this card is the man coverage, a lot of people do run blitzes where your free safety is going to be in the man position and if you're not a user of this player, 83 man coverage is gonna be toast every single time. And also we were hoping for maybe a plus one speed, but it's still a very good card. You power him up, you can get that 98 if you have one team that came for him.

- 04. Nnamdi Asomugha -

Nnamdi Asomugha will be in a lot of theme teams, raiders are the most popular right now. He is a taller corner, a 6'2" Corner that has 99 men & 99 zones. He'll get a 98 speed on most teams, he could be the end game for you. If you're full raiders or full eagles, this player is going to be a demon for you.

- 03. Adalius Thomas -

The power rusher Adalius Thomas, 97 overall. This card, in the beginning, was one of the best rushers, everybody knows. This player was dominating until midway through the year. since to this point, he was still amazing. 

- 02. Isaac Bruce -

The wide receiver Isaac Bruce has a 95 base speed. He is a route runner, which is huge for him. He also has great route running, 97 deep route running, 95 medium route running, 94 short route running. This is the dream card for you, the best receiver in the game right now.

- 01. Randall Cunningham -

The best card in this promo will be Randall Cunningham, he has a 93 base speed, a power-up. He gets gunslinger and hot route master. He has crazy stats: He's fast and has gunslinger. We're just hoping his animation being very good with the gunslinger. Hot route master is a huge plus. It just comes down to animation at that point. We already know that he will be super fast, he's a better Michael Vick at this point.

So that’s all for the top 10 ultimate legend rankings in Madden 21 and click HERE to see more!

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