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Madden 21 Top 5 Budget Beast Cards - New Budget Beast Cards In Madden 21 Ultimate Team

2/22/2021 10:15:53 AM

What are the best budget beasts in Madden 21 right now? What we about show you are some players that fairly new to the game and being very overlooked, you do not see them on any budget teams. These players are insane and they're going from anywhere below 50k on certain days and sitting at like 60-ish thousand coins. These cards are honestly very playable and super budget beast. Let's get into them!

- Jim Thorpe -

As we know, Madden 21 did just release ultimate legends. But the one thing that's very overlooked on ultimate legends is the set pieces. For example the Jim Thorpe card, there are a 95 and 91 and then some 87s. But if you take a look at the actual 90 ones, they are going below 50K. Like mentioned before, these are budget beasts. You click him and look at his stats at a 91 overall, 95 base speed, 94 change of direction, the brake tackling is decent, the carrying is a little low. His speed in excel is insane, this is one of those players that maybe you're not giving the ball every play if you're a toter, but this player could be really good for you a couple of plays down the line. 

- Derrick Thomas -

And if you're not a big runner in-game and you don't want to get that carrying hit, but that's not even the only thing, every single one of these ultimate legends does have one of these 91 overall cards that are going for fairly cheap. They're all under 50K, Derrick Thomas with 83 base speed, 92 pass-rushing, 92 blockshed, 94 power move, and 91 finesse move. That for a budget team, that's already better than the 90 Lawrence Taylor by far, it's not even close. The only thing he's a little lacking here on this card is that speed, but when you're looking at the power movement finesse move, that is what's insane. 

- Adalius Thomas -

But there are other options too, there is an Adalius Thomas that just came out with this as well, you can compare him to Derrick Thomas. His 91 overall card is also going for under 50K, all of these will be going for around 40-ish thousand coins. He is sitting around a 91 speed but he is lacking the block shed. You could choose any of these players for 40K.

- Nnamdi Asomugha -

Let's take a look at Nnamdi Asomugha, his 91 is not the best, but saying Isaac Bruce, a receiver that got a 97 overall card. He's a route runner with 95 speed, the route running is not the best, but this is going to be your best bet for your budget team at this price range. 

- Brian Dawkins -

Brian Dawkins, a 91 free safety with 94-speed sitting, at 85 zone coverage with going deeper lockdown, which most people should have, you should have full locks down at this time of the game. But he's going to be your high safety with over 90 zones and a 94 base speed. these cards don't get power up sadly, but when you're super budget you're not worrying about power up and training all the time. so Brian Dawkins is probably the best one out of this promo because you can get that 90 zones and at least one a 95 base speed if you play your cards right. 

This has probably been the most overlooked thing we've ever seen in Madden 21. You could tell every single one of them is budget, all of them are under 50K. Sitting around 40k, even 10k lower than our normal budget, click HERE to see more.

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