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Madden 21 Best Running Back List - How To Get The Best Running Back In MUT 21 Ultimate Team

2/19/2021 4:51:08 PM

We are here to rank the best running backs in MUT 21, but we are not doing the tier list way, because this allowed us to speak on things a little bit more, show stats, and talk deeper about it. So let’s talk about the best running backs in the game? who you should be using? who's worth it? And save you some coins. let's roll!

#1 The Big Back

There are three categories of running backs, there truly are just three. There's the big back which is over 245 pounds. Within the game right now, there is Derrick Henry, Jerome Bettis and A.J. Dillon. One of those players has a good card, the others do not. The key advantage with that is they break more tackles and fall forward more often. They can air truck pretty well, cards like that are up there. If you are playing on Next Gen, Derek Henry is the best running back in the game. On Old Gen, maybe not so much. But he obviously has problems catching the ball, so there's a downside. And that's one of the good things with the running backs this year is there's not one running back who does everything perfectly. So you kind of need a bit of a two-headed monster for how you want to roll through the game. so obviously when we get a new Bettis, that's a really good card too.

#2 The Receiving Back

So we have that tier or that section of running backs then we have the receiving back archetype. What makes the receiving back archetype really good is the fact that they get backfield master for one ability point. Which is the better hot routes master. plus increased catching against linebackers. What that means is linebackers or safeties that linebackers will probably get aimed at by them as well. For one ability point, it's pretty good. Next up is Sean Alexander. He is a power back, very similar to Derrick Henry. But he does not hit the weight limits on this. again he's a fast card, very similar to Bo Jackson. Imagine he plays pretty well, but he’s not Derrick Henry. For his price, versus Bo, he's 600K coins, it’s a little overpriced. 

#3 The Low Budget Running Back

Now when we get to some of these other players, they're obviously pretty low overall, like Edgerrin James. He's not very expensive, around 75K for a pretty good running back. When you get to MJD here, again, we're talking these are like the low-end cards. This is a budget running back. So if you were on a strict budget, we recommend getting the lower Derrick Henry on Next Gen, to get Reggie Bush on Current Gen. And if you want more of a bruiser type power back to run through people, there are cards out there that exist, like the James Robinson card. The real beast card is the Kenyan Drake card. he's not that expensive, he's 100K. You can pick him up pretty simple, if you don't have Derrick Henry for your bigger back, this is kind of the player you should be using for the price point.

That’s all for the best running back in the games and click HERE to see more.

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