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Madden 21 Trading Guide - Top 8 Easiest Rookie Superstars to Trade For in Madden 21

1/26/2021 2:56:36 PM

In this article, we are showing you the top 8 easiest beast rookies to trade for in your madden 21 franchise mode. Every single madden seems like the rookies are so hard to trade for and here at, we are keeping you from wasting your time, showing you the best rookies that you can trade for in your madden 21 franchise.

Sidenote: some positions are easier to get than others. Like a 75 overall running back might be just as impressive to trade for as a 70 overall corner. so some of these players are high overall than others, but you'll get the point.

#1 Baltimore Ravens - J. K. Dobbins

Our first player is going to be a running back from Baltimore Ravens and it is Mr. J. K. Dobbins. An excellent player with a 75 overall, which does actually make him the highest-rated rookie running back in all of madden 21.

#2 Detroit Lions - Kenny Golladay

Let's go to one more running back that we are going to trade for today's tutorial if for whatever reason won't this running back that's gonna be a Detroit Lions player - Mr. D'Andre Swift, who is tied for the second-highest-rated rookie running back.

#3 Philadelphia Eagles - Jalen Hurts

Next up, let's start by going to the Philadelphia Eagles in acquiring one of the most interesting prospects in the entire 2020 NFL draft moving into his NFL career and that is Jalen Hurts. he's a 68 overall but keep in mind he's a rookie. so he's going to progress the more you play him, and he's a fun prospect to play with.

#4 Atlanta Falcons - A. J. Terrell

The next prospect we are going to try and get is a man for the Atlanta Falcons, that will be their first overall selection in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft. he was the 18th overall selection and that is going to be Mr. 70 overall A. J. Terrell. Once again he's only a 70 but keep in mind rookies are always lower rated. and he's going to progress into the 80s maybe even 90s overall in your franchise. 

#5 Las Vegas Raiders - Damon Arnette JR

Let's the go-ahead to the very next quarterback on today's list, which was the draft pick immediately after A. J. Terrell was selected. So with the 19th overall selection from the 2020 NFL draft, we go to Mr. Damon Arnette JR from the Las Vegas Raiders, also 70 rated first-round draft pick, And potentially progress into the 80s overall.

#6 Jacksonville Jaguars - K'Lavon Chaisson

Moving along next to the immediate selection after Mr. Damon Arnette that is a beast defensive in out of LSU, one of the higher-rated defensive players we've seen so far and that is Mr. K'Lavon Chaisson.

#7 Philadelphia Eagle - Jalen Reagor

Moving on to our first wide receiver. wide receiver rookies are really hard to get, but yet randomly there's is Mr. Jalen Reagor, out of TCU now a Philadelphia Eagle. a lot of eagles fans are hyping him up. He will be a beast, but for some reason, he's easy to get a madden 21 franchise.

#8 Minnesota Vikings - Justin Jefferson

Let's go to the Minnesota Vikings and try to bring in who's will be their number two wide receiver this year a rookie our thing our second player maybe our third player so far, out of LSU, that's Mr. Justin Jefferson, who is the second-highest-rated rookie receiver in all of madden 21. he's an absolute monster. a little bit more difficult than Jalen Reagor to get, but he's going to be a little bit higher overall late in your franchise mode than Jalen Reagor. but still, he's way too easy than what he should be to bring in to your madden 21 franchise. 

Keep in mind: as long as you have a player for whatever team you're trying to trade for, as long as they have a green interest, they will be just about the same value for the team that you're trying to trade with. that's all for today's content, click here to check out the tutorial video for more elaborate detail on the easiest rookie superstars to trade for.

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