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NBA 2K21 Best Kevin Durant Builds - Most Overpowered 6'10 Demigod Build On 2K21

1/25/2021 11:51:41 AM

Kevin Durant is one of the most popular builds in NBA 2K21. But in the previous 2k, you will have Kevin Durant’s shot instead of the ball handle. Or you will have to make him shorter which doesn’t look like him at all. How to set official Kevin Durant's body shapes, attributes, badges and takeovers? Today, at we bring you the best NBA 2K21 Kevin Durant build in Power forward position.


NBA 2K21 Best Kevin Durant Builds - Most Overpowered 6'10 Demigod Build On 2K21

This is the exact 6’10 demigod Kevin Durant build in NBA 2K21. A 3 level scorer with shades of Chris Webber, Anthony Davis, John Collins. With the 6’10 Power forward build you can play elite defense, ball handle, speed to the rim. The steal rating will not take away in order to get more badges. Next, you are going to see the details of Kevin Durant's body shapes, attributes, badges and takeovers.


Body Setting

Position: Power Forward

Height: 6’10’’

Weight: 210 lbs

Wingspan: 7’3’’

Body Shape: Solid


Main Attributes

If you do this correctly, you will get 70 badges in total with the NBA 2K21 most overpowered Kevin Durant build. Starting with finishing, 99 standing dunk, and 92 driving dunks. Shooting is the most important thing when it comes to building the best Kevin Durant in 2k21. You are coming away with 89 mid-range shots, stick around 83 three-point shots. Also in taking over your three-point rating is going to be above 95, so that you will be raining shots like a guard. In playmaking, you’ll have a deceiving ball handle, able to speed and momentum dribbling in a couple of shots. We are not giving up steel rating to get a few more badges, at 99 overall you will have 75 steals, you can still play clutch defense in the passing lanes. You will lead your team to steal when they are panic.

 - Finishing: Driving Layup - 91, Driving Dunk - 92, Standing Dunk - 99,

- Shooting: Mid-Range Shot -89, Three-Point Shot - 83

- Playmaking: Pass Accuracy - 78, Ball Handle - 70, Speed With Ball - 66

- Defense/Rebounding: Steal 75, Block - 99, Defensive Rebound - 99

- Physicals: Speed - 86, Acceleration - 83, Vertical - 94, Stamina - 97



Expect to get a lot of takeovers based on playing good defense building takeovers will accelerate this NBA 2K21 Kevin Durant demigod build to unrealistic means. NBA 2K21 the best Kevin Durant build is going to be speed , quick first step is going to be out of control.

Primary: Pull-Up Precision

Secondary: Negative Impact



Finishing badges: Fearless Finisher (HOF), Giant Slayer(HOF), Lob City Finisher(HOF), Posterizer(HOF)

Shooting badges: Blinders (HOF), Deep Threes (Gold), Green Machine (Gold), Catch&Shoot (Gold), Stop & Pop (Gold)

Playmaking badges: Ankle Breakers (Gold), Quick First Step (Gold), Handles For Days(Gold)

Defensive & Rebounding badges: Ankle Braces (Gold), Chase Down Artist(Gold), Intimidator (HOF), Rebound Chaser (HOF), Rim Protector.

This is the best Kevin Durant Power forward NBA 2K21 with 6’10 will help you dominate the whole competition. Buy cheap NBA 2K21 MT for PS5/PS4/XBOX at


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