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Madden 21 Franchise Scouting And Drafting Tips - How to Scout and Draft Superstar X Factors in Madden 21

1/25/2021 11:47:01 AM

In this tutorial, we're going to be going over how to scout and draft the best players in the entire draft, usually leading to Superstar X factor superstar development, which usually are the best players in the draft. 

but before we get started, there are some things that we have to go over before drafting and showing you players how to actually draft these players. that's going to be important for your understanding of scouting in the game as a whole and also tracking these players.

So scouting is a big thing, when doing rebuilds, most people like to turn on the auto scouting feature, which you can find in settings under options settings, and then league settings and you can turn on auto scouting down near the bottom. So now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about drafting!

Madden 21 Franchise Scouting And Drafting Tips - The Difference Between Quarterback & Middle Linebacker

The first thing you need to know is that two positions are weighted very differently from any other position. those two positions are quarterback and middle linebacker. so when we say weighted we mean stretched, so the overalls to make the best players stand out are stretched big time. so where maybe an 82 overall cornerback and an 80 overall cornerback are a little bit different in terms of ability, even though they're similar overalls. a middle linebacker is stretched massively so that a 90 is very different from a 72. so middle linebackers almost always are going to be lower overalls, quarterbacks almost always are going to be lower overall. 

In the case of Marion Livingston, he's a mid-first rounder, which is actually quite good. another thing that we need to understand about scouting is the talent in the bottom right. early first-rounder is pick number one to pick number nine for their true ranking in the draft. 10 to 19 is a mid-first-rounder, and then late first-rounder is 20 to 32. something also important to note is that the top skills don’t mean great overall, it's with the rest of the class, they're related to everybody in the draft. So that can be a little misleading at times, but usually, it won't play a huge impact. because the top end of the class is going to be similar by position on a class to class basis. But it doesn’t mean every class is the same because obviously, they vary a lot. but the top quarterback is always going to be like A plus throw powers, and around like 90s overalls. but there will be a little bit of variation in there. now we know about the bottom right for their troop talent rating, we know about their top skills and potential combine stories. 

Madden 21 Franchise Scouting And Drafting Tips - How The Normal Development Influenced The Game

It seems like this year more than any other year in the past, normal development is running wild. even some of the best players in the class are going to have normal development. so it's important to find those players that are going to be going above and beyond. clearly, you want to draft athletes. but the combine report and the combine grade is not indicative of a good player, it's pure athleticism.

As you can see, Benji Graves has fantastic top skills, also his talent is an early first-rounder. he will be one of the top 10 players in the entire class. Dudley Brownlee might be good athletes, but he is a fourth-round talent concerning the rest of the players in the class. so he might only be like a 65 overall, which is clearly not what you're going for. and you can find some good players a little bit later, but in general, you're not going to find a ton of value. the best players in the entire class are pretty much always like within the top four rounds. and it very usually within the top two. it's how it works in real life in theory and then the players at the top of the class, at the top of the board are going to be the best. The late first-rounder Cordell Armstead is going to be ranked 20-32, and the bottom right will tells you how good they are to the rest of the class, it can be super important. 

With offensive lineman, you can get better ones later, you don't have to draft players at the top of the first round. this is the only place where combine actually matters because bench press directly affects strength and strength is a very important trait for an offensive lineman. don’t scout tackles who don't put up a certain amount of reps.

So these are things that you want to look for, you don't really want to draft slow receivers or cornerbacks or safeties or even running backs, you want fast players all over the field if you're actually going to be playing, but that won't necessarily affect overall. and speed doesn't matter in rebuilds, their abilities do. We hope this tutorial can be helpful to you when you are having trouble drafting in Madden 21. and if you want to see more latest tutorial on Madden 21, make sure to check out our News section!

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