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Madden 21 Beginner's Guide - How To Be Overpowered In Madden 21

1/23/2021 3:16:24 PM

This is the basic tips 101 on how to be unstoppable in Madden 21 and how to win more games. this year we've got some new content to go over, whether you're a franchise mode player, whether you play against your buddies, or whether you're playing online, these basic tips are vital for success and many people overlook a lot of these little things and they lose games that they really should be winning. without further do, so let's get into it! 

#1 Figure Out Your Playstyle

You need to define your play style before anything else, what do you feel more comfortable doing, you want to set yourself up for success. Maybe you feel more comfortable being a run-first player because it's a little less risky than passing, you want to lean on the running game. well if that's the case, you want to look at teams like the Cowboys, always a go-to for runners, because they have one of the best running backs in the game and a stacked offensive line. you want to look at the 49ers who have a really good offensive line and a couple of really fast running backs that you can swap in and out, then you got some other teams that you might want to look at, like the Raiders. most people overlook the Raiders, but they have a good offensive line, they have a pretty good running back, you can try them out. if you're a passer, it's the exact opposite, you look at teams with a good receiving corps and the stud quarterbacks like the Buccaneers, the Chiefs, or the Saints. if you're a defensive first player, you want to lock people up and not give the game away with your offense, you want to look at teams like the Ravens. and the 49ers have a stacked defense, the Bears have a pretty good defense. maybe you're a balance type player, you don't lean to one thing or the other, you want a team with some good offensive options, both running pass and a team that has a good decent defense. Again, the Ravens would fall under this, the Browns and the Vikings would fall under this as well. If you're one of those people that like to use your favorite team, but if your favorite team isn't that good, it's going to be a lot harder to have success with them. the Jaguars are a good example, they don't have a lot of highly-rated players in the game, but if you must use your favorite team, you need to lean on their strengths. look at the roster and find out who are their best players. so if you want to play with the jaguars, you have to be more of a run-heavy player. Because you want to lean more on Leonard Fournette. it's not to say that they don't have some decent passing options, but you will be better off leaning on Fournette first and passing second. so something you have to look at if you want to use your favorite team. Go by how the roster is set up and access the best chance to succeed.

#2 Understand Your Personnel

Analyze all the individual ratings, don't look at the overall. so for example, if you're looking at a team that could be decent for running the ball, pay attention to the actual individual run block ratings. because there are some offensive linemen in the game that are highly rated overall-wise, but they're not that good at run blocking. they're great at pass blocking and vice versa some offensive linemen have super high run block ratings, but their past block ratings aren't that good, so make sure to know these individual things, so you know how good they are at and what you're trying to do. same for receivers, you want to look at their route running, their catching traffic, so for example you might have a receiver with really good short route running, but it does not have good deep route running. so you want to keep the player on your short routes in the plays, make sure he's in the spot that's on the check-down routes. If you have a receiver that's good at deep route running, but not so good at short, you want him on your deeper routes, because he's going to have more success there. It's the same thing for your defense. If you want to play zone defense. don't look at the cornerbacks overall. look at his zone versus man defense, see how good he is at performing that specific thing, and also look at your players with abilities, see what abilities they have, and so this will let some defenders have an ability where they're going to play really good zone coverage in flat zones so make sure that defender is in a flat zone more often than not because it's going to maximize his potential. you have some receivers that are good outside the numbers, so keep him outside the numbers more often, because it's going to maximize that player.

#3 Clock Management

The next thing is clock management. one of the most important things that most people get wrong, you need to manage the clock, this turns more games into wins than anything else. for example, if you got the ball with about three minutes left before halftime, you got the ball, your opponent scored or he punted you the ball and now you got it back, you want to clock out that entire second half if you can. if you have a touchdown, breakaway touchdown, you take it. but if you can methodically drive down the field, you want the last score before the half, don't give your opponent a chance to match. the same thing at the end of the game, let's say it's tied or you're down a couple of points, you need a field goal to win and maybe there are four minutes left in the game if you can you want to try to take that entire four minutes with you. if you got to go 80 yards worth of field, you can clock out four minutes. if you have a breakaway touchdown, you have to take it but otherwise don't purposely try to rush the score. because if you don't give your opponent much time to match, it's going to be hard for him to come back. let's say you come into the second half and you're already up 14. you should already be in clock mode, whether you're getting the ball or not. because possessions are very limited in Madden 21. because we play short quarters, we play five minute quarters. so the number of possessions already limited, make sure that you are trying to take as much time as you can if you're up against multiple possessions, because at that point your opponent has to play perfect, he has to not let you score at all and he has to score on every possession to win the game. he might only touch the ball a couple more times. so make sure you're always managing the clock to the best of your abilities.

That's all for today's content and if you're new to this website and you want to be up to date on all the latest Madden 21 tips to improve your game or the latest Madden news that we drop daily, make sure to check out our new section! 

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