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Madden 21 Next Gen Pro List - The Best New Features Of Madden 21 Next Gen

1/21/2021 3:00:10 PM

Madden 21 has been released on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series X a while ago. so it's time to do a review and go over the five best things any five worst things about Madden 21 on Next Gen or as some might call it now Current Gen, because we are currently on the new consoles.

#Pros 1 Player Movements

So number one on the list of the best things of Madden 21 on the new consoles is the player movement. it is the biggest change going over to the new consoles. but the community does seem pretty split on it. half people hate it, half people love it, it seems like the people that do like it think it feels more realistic, whereas the people that hate it are more so online or competitive players that want to have faster movement, more of a faster-paced game. there are some good things about the player movement and there are some bad things but it overall does feel like the players are more grounded, the movement is more based on weight momentum speed and acceleration.

Compare the graphics of the Current Gen of consoles to Next Gen side by side, you can change direction at top speed and don't have to plant foot a whole lot in the Current Gen version and you move a lot faster-changing direction. whereas on the new consoles, you have to plant your foot, it's slower. you can hit the holes better when running once you time it and get the feel down. but it is a big change and more realistic than non-realistic. however some running backs don't feel as explosive and dangerous, so there is still some area for improvement.

#Pros 2 Presentation Upgrades

number two on the best list would have to be presentation updates. this is the best presentation the Madden game has had in the last two console generations. and while that's not saying much, because it's still not on par with where it was at its best in the PS2 days and it's still not on par with what NFL 2K5 did. it is the best presentation a Madden game has had in a while. the sidelines have gotten a much-needed facelift, you now finally see real players on the sidelines with their real names on the back of their jerseys. and not only that but the sidelines do have of action that goes on. they will help you up off the ground or a teammate will try to slow you down when you're running out of bounds, which is a nice touch. the crowds got an update as well with the presentation, you'll see various cut scenes of the crowd, where they're getting happy or they're getting mad after big plays. There is also the Next Gen replays, which is a cool little new feature, where they'll show you Next Gen stats after certain big plays like how far the ball traveled through the air, the ball carrier speed, and the time you had to throw the ball behind the line of scrimmage. all in all, the presentation still has a ways to go and there's still more that can be done, but this is the best we've seen from Madden's presentation in quite some time.

#Pros 3 Route Running

Number three on the list is the route running, which is now powered by Next Gen stats. They have charted real-life players in the NFL, they have the RFID tags in the football, in the pads, etc. you are be able to see a Next Gen route tree if you go look at Next Gen stats. and it'll show you the exact routes that wide receivers ran during the game. now this has been imported into Madden and wide receivers do run the routes based on exactly how they would run those specific routes in real life. now in the past, you would see routes like crossing routes, post routes, corner routes, ran a lot more robotic. They would change direction weird, they wouldn't just accelerate through the entire route, they wouldn't round off their routes which wide receivers do most of the time in real life, especially versus zone coverages, they don't make as sharp of cuts as they would do versus a man-to-man, because they're just trying to find that open spot on the field. Now in Next Gen Madden, you see them run routes exactly like in real life.

#Pros 4 Controller Haptics

number four on the best list are the controller haptics. this is more so for the PlayStation 5. something that a lot of people thought would not be a big deal, but a lot of people, especially PlayStation gamers, have raved about this feature, about how the game feels more alive because of how it vibrates in your hand, and how the triggers can get stiffer when your guy is running out of stamina, or if you're like in a gang tackle and trying to break out of it you can noticeably feel that it's harder to like run on the controller, which does actually make the game more enjoyable. it's not something that is as much of a credit to EA as it is more of a credit to the PlayStation 5, but this does not exist with the last generation of Madden or other games. so a lot of people have enjoyed this and they thought this was one of the best additions to jumping over to Next Gen.

#Pros 5 Favorite Plays

Number five on the list is a small convenience feature and it is now that you can favorite your plays. you can choose favorite plays in your playbook by double-tapping the play icon, there's a specific tab for your favorite play, so when you need those go-to plays in a big moment your big third downs or your game-winning drive, you can easily navigate them much quickly in the menu. it's not something big and crazy to write home about, but it is a nice feature and something was needed in the game.

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