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Fifa 19 Wish List - More Football, Fewer Bugs: 6 Wishes Of The Fifa Fans

6/8/2018 4:52:27 PM

what must fifa 19 know what fifa 18 has not been able to do? we've summarized the six biggest hopes and demands of the community for ea's new football simulation.

fifa 19 has not yet been officially announced, but it would be a football devil if ea sports did not release a new version of the famous football series this year. we are confident that there will probably be the first tangible information about the new fifa at e3 at the latest.

until then, we allow ourselves to dream a little bit of the perfect fifa. we've gone through forums and reddit to find out what football fans around the world are looking for from ea's upcoming football simulation. the results of our search and the six biggest community wishes for fifa 19 can now be found in this article.


more realism, fewer bugs

the demo - as well as the first release version of fifa 18 - was a big surprise, as they convinced with unimaginably realistic football physics. the entire game was slower than in fifa 17, the players were more cumbersome and the defense a real challenge, as the ai acted relatively reluctant on the defensive.

but then came the first patch and destroyed for many fans again all the gameplay progress fifa 18 had just introduced. many an e-athlete even described the update with the very clear words: "this shit breaks the game". that's why fifa 19 likes to risk more realism again. in particular, because ea sports in the duel with konami and pro evolution soccer in terms of ball physics and ai behavior still draws the short straw.

fifa 19 also has to improve in many smaller details, as the 18-series, like all its predecessors, suffers from numerous bugs. colorful referees, the legendary kick-off glitch and obviously wrong decisions of the referees do not necessarily appear regularly, but still annoying every time.


the champions league license

this year fifa 19 also has the chance to win the rights to the most important football competition in the world. konami has since renounced the partnership with uefa after the 2017/2018 season and thus lost the exclusive rights to the europe and the champions league.

and if pro evo does not want it anymore, fifa 19 will theoretically have a free rein and can take over these prominent licenses. then it would finally be over with the ugly and fictitious champions cup, with which fifa fans currently have to be satisfied.


even more original leagues, teams and stadiums

and while we already have licenses: this is the supreme discipline of ea's football sim anyway, since we already have more than 700 teams in fifa 18 in 30 different leagues with original licenses. but there is more!

the italian serie a, for example, we still know only in fifa under the name calcio a, as the rights to the name of the league are missing. also, the players of the brazilian campeonato brasileiro (known in the game only as liga do brasil) and the chilean campeonato scotiabank all have generic names.

in the eternal licensing dispute with pro evolution soccer, ea sports certainly has to take one or the other setback and renounce some rights (as recently at the signal iduna park in fifa 18). of course fans of fifa still want so many high-class licenses of leagues, teams and stadiums, as far as possible.


more fairness in the ultimate team

fifa's ultimate team mode is a huge thorn in the side of pay2win for many players. fut completely disappears or change fundamentally, but hardly in the next few years. because he even enters more money than the actual sale of the game and is thus the largest source of income for ea.

nevertheless, more fairness in the ultimate team would be desirable: non-paying players should not have such a hard time getting top cards compared to paying players. the squad building challenges sbcs introduced in fifa 17 are a fine example of improved fairness. thanks to them, each player can win strong players and card sets, even without the use of real money.

fifa 19 should offer even more such opportunities. for all players who find the weekend league too stressful or too demanding, there could be even more smaller tournaments. in fifa 15 and fifa 16, for example, there were fut events such as the community clash or the tots bundesliga tournament, in which, if necessary, you could also win premium gold packs offline.

if ea does not abandon its pay2win mechanics, non-paying players should at least get the chance to keep up.


improvements for career and pro clubs mode

every year, many fifa fans complain that ea sports pays far too much attention to the ultimate team and far too little attention to the other game modes. and indeed, the improvements to pro clubs or the career mode from fifa to fifa are usually manageable.

the fans are all the more happy about innovations such as the interactive transfer negotiations in the career of fifa 18. but in this area too, there is much more! for years, fans and ea employees have been wishing, for example, for an online career mode modeled on the connected franchise from the nfl and nhl games.

even the pro club is provided every year only with very few improvements. more goals than "just" the simple league mode and above all better server connections would be desirable for example.


indoor soccer and fifa street

hope is dying and many fans still dream of returning to indoor football and fifa street. especially the indoor mode many veteran veterans missed a long time since he was last played in fifa 98.

the last fifa street appeared in 2012 and could therefore also need a new edition. in fifa 18, the street version celebrated at least a mini-comeback in the story mode the journey. at the beginning of the story about the young alex hunter we play a short game 2-on-2 in the favelas of brazil. maybe fifa 19 (or a potential new solo title) will see a bigger rebirth of fifa street.

and what do you want for fifa 19? write us your hopes and ideas of the perfect football simulation in the comments! cheap fifa 19 coins will be sold on once the game available, stay tuned for more fifa 19 news!

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