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8 Things That You Should Not Do In Fifa 19 Ultimate Team

9/24/2018 9:35:57 PM

getting into fifa 19 ultimate team can be difficult - especially if you're a freshman. there are some things that can make your start especially difficult.

tips from the fifa professional: english streamer and "fut champions" top 100 player zelonius has summarized several tips on the fifauteam side regarding this year's ultimate team mode. here are 8 things you should definitely handle in fifa 19 fut.

do not build teams without a plan

1. do not swap your team too often! you have just bought your team perfectly, because you suddenly see the perfect player in the transfer market. you really want him - but your team does not fit. do not throw your entire crew around. if you sell players, you lose 5 percent of the sales value. this could quickly cause you a loss if you have just acquired the players.

2. beware of squad building challenges! the squad building challenges are a great way to earn exciting players or packs. but beware: some sbcs are not worth it at all and just swallow your fut coins. so do not do any challenge! if you only get a loaner for a few games, the investment has not been worth it in the long run. or if there are only rewards that will not help your team.

do not play too emotionally

3. no rage quits! sure, if you go back 0: 4, the game seems to be over. but how many times have such games been made? in addition, you ruin your coin multiplier: with each rage quit you get in the next few games fewer fifa coins. and it takes a lot of games until the multiplier increases again.

4. no "total attack" at 0: 1! a surprising goal can be quite frustrating. especially in phases in which you were actually on the trigger. nevertheless, do not throw everything into the attack department: too easily you concede even more goals. play your game in a concentrated manner. the chance to shoot the game is so much higher.

do not fully exploit the transfer market

5. do not invest everything in one player! if you play a bundesliga team, timo werner's new totw card looks pretty good. stupid is when nothing comes in your team behind it. at the beginning, invest your money in the width of your squad.

6. no bad transfers! often players are offered extremely overpriced on the transfer market. the problem: many players look for a specific card and buy it directly on the first page of the transfer market. be smart: scroll further, compare prices. so you can save a lot of money. by the way, there are some cheap starter teams in fut 19!

coins invest carelessly

7. do not waste your money on packs! that's also true at the beginning of the season. you have very few coins, and at the same time there are hardly any packs that promise absolute top players. invest in the transfer market and pick up packs, for example via the squad battles.

8. do not hoard your coins until the end! it's like the classic "elixir" in role-playing games: "maybe i'll need that later" - and then you never use it. use your fut 19 coins! maybe you have the release of fifa 20 still 100,000 fifa 19 coins in the account, but no decent ultimate team. a great way to get coins is the daily gifts in web and companion app.

with these tips, the success should be secured at the beginning of the season. you want more tips? here are 8 tips for the perfect start in fifa 19 ultimate team! also in the fifa 19 web app and the fifa 19 companion app you can try out on the transfer market.

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