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Blade And Soul: Detailed Sundered Nexus Guide For Three Stags Boss

6/2/2016 4:03:33 PM

sundered nexus is not the hardest dungeon in blade and soul, but if you don't know some tips and boss mechanics, you may be trapped by it. now today we sum up a guide with some useful tips to help out the players who are strunggling in sundered nexus. 

we will focus on the three stags boss in this artic. as you know, there are normal mode and recharging mode to the 1st boss battle for sundered nexus, so we will talk about separately. 

above all, the first room you will enter in sundered nexus consists of a group of soldiers sitting down in a circle. how to clear up them? here are the tip for you: 

you will see each soldier has a number on his head. you can pick up the bomb and throw at one of them. they will have one of the 3 response:

1, fall down: this means that you will need to throw the bomb another soldier with a smaller number on his head

2, fly up: this means that you will need to throw the bomb another soldier with a larger number on his head

3, bingo: if you throw the bomb at the correct soldier, the mini-boss will be awakened.

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then let's go to the first boss of sundered nexus: roukougu, reading following detailed sundered nexus guide: 

stage 1: normal mode boss

the boss you face first is under normal mode, so you will feel it is not hard to fight. but you still need to pay attention on something. 

skill guide

1. normal attack: frontal normal attack

2. drill punch: frontal punch indicated by a rectangular aoe indicator, induce bleed status

3. triple jump: jump 3 times, circular aoe, the 3rd time induce knockdown with larger aoe.

4. frontal charge: extend his arm  to the front (no rectangular aoe indicator) and charge towards the aggro holder, inducing knockdown. block to stun it then destroyer/lyn blade can lift him up.

5. disc throw: throw 4 discs at random targets, induce knockdown; can be negated with ranged protection skill

6. bomb throw: throw bomb at aggro holder.

attack pattern

normal attack > drill punch > triple jump > normal attack > drill punch > frontal charge (block him to stun and lift him up)

notes: the boss will use disc throw sometimes, after the triple jump. if the party fail to block his frontal charge, he will charge toward the wall, and start using disc throw and bomb throw.

stage 2: recharging mode boss

you will hear an alarm when the boss will go to recharging mode. the boss will be demage immune. the first thing you and your party to do is blocking the demage from him.   

skill guide

1. the boss will start spinning and throw 2 large discs at random targets, which will bounce off wall and travel around the room, induce bleed upon contact. one member of your party must stop the disc by blocking/countering it. therefore, all party members should gather behind the blocker (mark him).

2. after that, at recharge phase the boss needs to be cc-ed with the correct form of cc (daze = red, knockdown = green and stun = blue), the order of the cc types will be random, but each color will only appear once. 

3. after the 3 rounds of color change, he will deal a burst damage to surrounding circular aoe. if you party manage to disrupt all the 3 color correctly, he will be weakened for 20sec or so, while a blue zone is generated around him. the zone give you constant focus recovery. if you mess up the cc phase the boss will get a shield/buff reducing incoming damage by 90% which lasts until he gets back again in the recharge/cc phase. so make sure you get the cc right, it's crucial.

notes: do not try to seize, grab, throw, or disable the boss while he is in that weaken state; or else it will wake him up. just deal damage as much as possible. destroyer or lyn blade master can grab him when he is about to wake up (~20sec) for more damage.

stage 3

finally the boss turn back from the immune mode, there are 3 phases for this boss fight.

skill guide

1. first phase nothing special just dps and dodge stuff.

2. then he boss will target a ranged player - furthest player to be more precise (you'll see a blue aura under your feet) - this means the boss will throw some drills after you. you will need to kite and don't allow the drills to stack.

3. everyone (except the tank) need to kill the drills asap, if you fail to kill the drills the whole party will wipe. after you successfully destroy the drills there will be a blue aura around the destroyed drills. this aura gives you 100% critical damage, make use of it. 

4. after the drills are killed there will multiple series of 3 (red) aoe attacks - increasing in size with every cast. some adds (small robots) will also spawn but if you don't cc the boss while he's casting the red aoe, the aoe will destroy the small adds/robots so you don't have to worry about that. bms can hm block all 3 red aoe's same with fm party iframe. this will really test you dodging skills.

notes: don't kdown this boss. he does an aoe when he recovers, just like yeti. the blue aura from the destroyed drills gives crit damage if the boss is in the aura , not if you're in the aura. also, when he's below 50% hp, if you don't bring the boss into the aura, he gains massive damage reduction.

watch this vedio to learn more guides of sundered nexus guide

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