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Fifa 16 Work Rates Guides: The Most Important Attribute Of Striker

8/17/2015 5:32:43 PM

there are two attributes of player work rates in fut: attack and defensive. and the work rates are the most important attributes to evaluate a striker, this can ruin a super striker (benzema), also can let a ordinary striker becomes practical, such as edin dzeko.

the best work rates combination of striker:
1. high/low: this is the best choice for grab position striker. st will stay in the frontcourt, offensive and counterattack in the first line, you do not press lb, the striker will automatically moves forward.
if you are using the formation with two strikers, then one is h/l, it will be an unexpected surprise.
typical: aguero, david-silva

2. med/low: the best choice for tissue-type forward (for this player, m/l stronger than h/l or h/m). ibrahimovic is the best representative of this type. do not back when the defense, control the ball well and tandem the midfield when attack, these players have a strong body and the long-shots capability, but the requirement of speed is not high.
typical: ibrahimovic, adebayor

3. high/med: these players combines the characteristic of h/l and m/l, can be used as offensive playmakers, also can become the terminator. back on defense deeper than the h/l and m/l players, and also can tandem the midfield when counterattack.
typical: falcao, suarez

unsuitable work rates combination of striker
1. low / med, low/high, low/low
any low attack efficiency of st is unacceptable, unless you want him to become the fulcrum of the frontcourt.

2. med/high
these st players will back on defense deeply, basically waste a st position.

particular lineup with special work rates
1. med/med: these players like a attacking midfielder in the field, always wandering in the edge of the area. if you want to him playing like a striker, then his speed need up to 90+, or he only suitable for the certain formation (such as 4-3-3), these players more suitable for the single striker, but it is a little time in the first line when counterattack. of course, if the line-up with two strikers, it good choice match with a h/l striker.
typical: gomez, cavani

2. high/high: these strikers will appear any position, you can not define his specific role, not suitable for a single striker due to the physical exertion is too fast, it will play his role if you can match with a h/l in the lineup of two strikers. if you main play the counterattack, do not use this type players absolutely.
typical: rooney, tevez

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