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The Experience Of Fifa 16 Beta Closed: Heading Strengthen, Common Skill Moves Weaken

8/21/2015 2:47:06 PM

believed that there are some lucky players qualified for the fifa 16 beta in the august 13, and experience the fun and changes of fifa 16. of course, if you do no get it, never mind, here we will share the experience of fifa 16 beta.

game screen
it is not clear qualitative leap like fifa 15. the grass is the same as the original and the player models are not much has changed. the weather, added a fog, no rain, is a plain fog.

there are a large of change on the offense in fut 16.
first, skill move, many useful skill move has been weaken, such as body feint, previously, the player will rush out suddenly to get rid of opponents when pressing the second time, now the second amplitude significantly less, basic is ruined. another the ball roll + drag back, the amplitude of drag back also is much smaller.
fake shot turned is also a common skill move, if you do it in fifa 16 game, maybe the ball will fly out to 2 meters, i used to pele like this situation, but not each time will fly out.
fifa 16 new skill - no touch dribbling, is not useful, like the effect of use right rocker shake when standing in fifa 15. the accuracy of short passing has declined now, feel require the high of power control, now i just started, always face the situation of shot pass intensity is small. and the accuracy of turn around and pass is greatly decreased. but fifa 16 adds a new interesting operation rb + short pass, is big power pass on the ground, its practicality is yet to be tested. now the counterattack is a very effective means to penetrate opponents interception, maybe is a compensation for the accuracy of original short pass decreased.
heading, fifa 16 really strengthened the header, i score several heading balls via play the matches. speed, feel the speed has weakened, i use pele, bale players vs computer or online games, do not feel the advantage of speed, the type of defender terry is good to use in the game. crossing, like long shots, feel the arc becomes higher, and the weak foot, actually direct the bottom line i passed several times.

the defense has improved after i played a few games, ai intercept capability strengthened, the defender is closer to the ball when attacking player get the ball. personal think the before fifa series has continued strengthen the attack, while this version return to defense. in addition to there is a promotional selling coin in fifa 16 is fake tackle, press again immediately after pressing tackles, players will stand up and card position immediately. but in actual time, not all players will got up, may is related to the flexibility of players.


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