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Fifa 16 Top 5 Free Kicks Tutorial:Second Man, Cross, Driven, Curl, Indirect

6/27/2016 9:07:37 AM

fifa 16 free kicks is in a very good score means, so we learn a good free kicks is very necessary. and here today to teach you five free kicks way to help people improve their scoring rate free kicks!

1: cross- the cross free kick is performed just like a regular cross x/square button. this is the best free kick when you have no angle to the goal and are near the corner flag. put little power and try to get the ball in the middle of the pitch for a header or first time shot.

2: curl – the curl free kick is performed by pressing the shooting button b/o. while powering up the shot make sure to aim with the left stick diagonally up. you want to get the ball over the wall and curl it into the top corner. this is best in close distances.

3: second man- this is the safest free kick in fifa 16. whenever you are far away enough from the goal you will have the option to call for a second player by pressing lt/l2. this is a great way to get a safe pass in and start your offense, when otherwise you would miss the free kick because of the distance.

4: indirect–the indirect free kick is the best free kick in fifa 16. it works from any distance. just aim at an open player and press the passing button. then make a moves in on goal and take a shot. i can not tell you how many goals i’ve scored even in division 1 of fifa 16 because of this free kick.

5: driven - the driven free kick is performed by pressing rb a/r1 x. it is the best free kick for long distance situations with powerful free kick takers. it is also best when you are near the corners of the box. you want to aim just to the outside of the wall and curl it in. while applying power move the left stick to the left or right depending on where you want it to slightly curl.

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