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Vr 14 Eso Items: Undaunted Light And Heavy Armors

11/28/2014 5:12:48 PM

there are two the fungal grotto undaunted drop sets in the 1.5 patch of elder scrolls online to introduce to you. one is light amor, spawn of mephala's set; the other is heavy armor, maw of the infernal’s helm.

spawn of mephala's set

spawn of mephala's set is rare set in the game.

vr 14 eso items: undaunted light and heavy armors

-take 28% less durability dmg.
- (2 pieces of items) fully charged heavy attacks have a 30% chance to create a web fro 5.0 second.
- deal dmg and snare enemies by 50%

if you like solo playing in pvp, spawn of mephala's set is a good choice for your class. when you equipped with it in battle, there are white web on ground, to deal magic damage to the enemies.

maw of the infernal’s helm

vr 14 eso items: undaunted light and heavy armors

- increase armor enchantment effect by 17%.
- (2 items) 5% chance on light or heavy attacks to summon a fire breathing daedroth for 15 sec.
-basic attack deal 188 physical dmg.

there are two pieces of maw of the infernal's ( helm and shoulder). the helm is dropped from the last boss of banished cells and shoulders are random via undaunted pledge daily. equipped with maw of the infernal’s helm, the effect is amazing. furthermore, this set is perfect for a dps weaver

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