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The Effects And Locations Of Eso Mundus Stones Guide

6/7/2014 7:15:15 PM

we know there are 13 mundus stones in different locations in eso maps, activate a mundus stone gives your character a permanent buff! you just only use one stone at a time, and the buffs are pretty darn good too, so choosing the one that's right for you is important for pve and pvp!

names and effects of mundus stones

the apprentice: increases spell penetration
the atronach: increases magicka regeneration
the lady: increases armor
the lord: increases maximum health
the lover: reduces damage taken from spells
the mage: increases maximum magicka
the ritual: increases healing effectiveness
the serpent: increases non-combat health regeneration
the shadow: increases critical strike damage
the steed: increases run speed
the thief: increases critical chance
the tower: increases maximum stamina
the warrior: increases power


locations of mundus stones


the effects and locations of eso mundus stones guide


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