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How To Crafting Your Archeage Weapon And Armor (Cloth / Leather / Plate) For Beginners

10/21/2014 10:45:57 AM

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believe still many players does not know how / where to get started to crafting your weapon and armor in archeage. now, would share a guide to help you crafting fast and easy.

how to archeage gear (weapon, armor) crafting

in archeage, you can hit the key o to open the folio, you can choose and look at one of crafting profession you craft, such as tailor (cloth armor), leatherwork (leather armor), or metalwork (plate armor). then you will find a full list of the craftable cloth / leather / plate armor. select which piece you want to make and it will show the ingredients needed, and what type of crafting workstation is needed. if you want to crafting lv40+ cloth / plate /leather parts will require a regal workbench instead of regular. for weapon crafting you want to crafting, just go to weaponry after you hitting o.


crafting archeage weapon and armor

how to craft a level 50 piece of gear (total 7 pieces)

level 20 (0 proficiency required)
level 24 (1,000 proficiency required)
level 30 (2,500 proficiency required)
level 34 (5,000 proficiency required)
level 40 (10,000 proficiency required) - conqueror’s set 
level 44 (20,000 proficiency required) - illustrious set
level 50 (30,000 proficiency required) - magnificent set (t1)
level 50 (40,000 proficiency required) - epherium set (t2)
level 50 (50,000 proficiency required) - delphinad set (t3)


1. there are 3 nice google docs will tell you what materials are needed for the cloth / leather / plate armor crafting sets. note, maybe you click below 3 links will prompt you "sorry, the document you requested does not exist" or other errors, please copy and paste manually! (please be assured that these files are safe)

crafted plated armor sets

crafted leather armor sets

crafted cloth armor sets

2. your crafting proficiency will effect the outcome of your craft, higher proficiency is mean that higher chance at increasing rarity.

3. weaponry is one of the hardest professions to level up, the expense of each craft is too expensive, especially the materials.

4. when you up to 10,000 proficiency of crafting, this is where gear starts to become potentially better than quest reward gear.

5. you have to craft the lower levels of gear as the a component to used to craft the next high level of gear.

6. there is a small chance to increase the quality of item when you craft an armor. suggested you can craft the lv24 armor continually until get a blue quality, then continue to upgrade other pieces of armor.

7. it's 25 labor coins for the level 20 gear, 50 lp for the 24, 100 lp for 30, 150 lp for 34, etc, and keep going up. total 7 pieces of gear, will require a good amount of labor coins.

8. when you upgrade the level 20 green item to level 24, that's when it has a chance to crit blue. upgrading a blue item from 24 to 30 has a chance to crit purple, and so on.


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