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Buy Rocket League Season 3 Tournaments New items On - All Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass Rewards Reveal

4/9/2021 3:53:09 PM

Rocket League Season 3 Tournaments are available now! The Season 3 Tournament Rewards and Titles have been introduced to Rocket League, with this release, these tournament prizes are the third installment of the series of new items you can validate after your tournament achievement. has all the Rocket League Season 3 Tournament Rewards Items available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Click below to purchase!

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The Rocket League Season 3 Tournament Rewards Items And Rarities 

    Moon Uncommon Antenna

    Dominus: King Acheron Uncommon Decal

    Radioactive Uncommon Player Banner

    Octane: Edgewise Uncommon Decal

    Merc: Yaojing Uncommon Decal

    Time For Noise Rare Player Anthem

    Croc Wood Rare Player Banner

    Neontech Rare Avatar Border

    Wicked Slick Very Rare Player Anthem

    Yoked-1k Very Rare Wheels

    Grievance Very Rare Wheels

    Shark Attack Very Rare Trail

    Phosphor Import Rocket Boost

    Yoked-1k Obverse Import Wheels

    Grievance: Inverted Import Wheels

    Chainhelm Import Wheels

    Chromatic Hollow Exotic Goal Explosion

    Chainhelm: Sacred Exotic Wheels

    Discoid Black Market Animated Decal

    Atomic Blip Black Market Goal Explosion




All Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass Rewards


    Tier 1: Tyranno

    Tier 2: Cone Killer

    Tier 3: Pylon

    Tier 4: 10% Party XP Boost

    Tier 5: Carbon Racer

    Tier 6: Tyranno: Threestyle

    Tier 7: Buku One

    Tier 8: Hairpin Hero Title

    Tier 9: Octane: Erratum

    Tier 10: 5% Party XP Boost

    Tier 11: Tri-Horn

    Tier 12: 100 Credits

    Tier 13: Cruze

    Tier 14: Tyranno: Paced Out

    Tier 15: Fisherman’s Hat

    Tier 16: Brakes Mistakes

    Tier 17: Tyranno: Sally

    Tier 18: Victory Rapper Title

    Tier 19: Chequered Flag

    Tier 20: Traction

    Tier 21: Diamond Plate

    Tier 22: Gemstone

    Tier 23: 5% XP Boost

    Tier 24: 100 Credits in Rocket League

    Tier 25: Tyranno: Edge Burst

    Tier 26: DR-PSY3

    Tier 27: HNY

    Tier 28: Dominus: Tropaion

    Tier 29: Vintage Half

    Tier 30: Slipstreamer Title

    Tier 31: Maxle-PA

    Tier 32: 5% XP Boost

    Tier 33: Diecast Spark

    Tier 34: Tyranno: Speedrush

    Tier 35: Sport Cycle

    Tier 36: 100 Credits

    Tier 37: Battlemender

    Tier 38: Happy Victory

    Tier 39: 5% XP Boost

    Tier 40: Downforce Title

    Tier 41: Zadeh S3

    Tier 42: Watch Me Go

    Tier 43: Chequered Flag 2

    Tier 44: Mastermind

    Tier 45: Tyranno: Apex Line

    Tier 46: Onix

    Tier 47: Tyranno: Ombre

    Tier 48: 100 Credits

    Tier 49: Crew Chef Title

    Tier 50: 5% XP Boost

    Tier 51: Traction: Hatch

    Tier 52: Octane: Toon Sketch

    Tier 53: Pixel Pointer

    Tier 54: Imptekk

    Tier 55: Tyranno: Reviver

    Tier 56: Ribbon Candy

    Tier 57: Apex Predator Title

    Tier 58: 5% Party XP Boost

    Tier 59: Joko XL

    Tier 60: 100 Credits

    Tier 61: Tyranno: Crazed Firefly

    Tier 62: Star Princess

    Tier 63: Tyranno: Huntress

    Tier 64: Populuxe

    Tier 65: Retrogression

    Tier 66: 5% XP boost

    Tier 67: 100 Credits

    Tier 68: Chequred Flag

    Tier 69: Zadeh S3: Inverted

    Tier 70: Tyranno GXT in Rocket League

    Tier 71: Star Princess (Orange)

    Tier 72: Imptekk (Grey)

    Tier 73: Joko XL (Burnt Sienna)

    Tier 74: Pylon (Cobalt)

    Tier 75: Tyranno GXT (Crimson)

    Tier 76: Pixel Pointer (Purple)

    Tier 77: Zadeh S3: Inverted (Saffron)

    Tier 78: Chequered Flag (Pink)

    Tier 79: Maxle-PA (Pink)

    Tier 80: 100 Credits

    Tier 81: Zadeh S3 (Burnt Sienna)

    Tier 82: Traction: Hatch (Crimson)

    Tier 83: Diecast Spark (Black)

    Tier 84: Chequered Flag (Forest Green)

    Tier 85: Diecast Spark (Crimson)

    Tier 86: Chequered Flag (Titanium White)

    Tier 87: Imptekk (Saffron)

    Tier 88: Maxle-PA (Titanium White)

    Tier 89: Star Princess (Burnt Sienna)

    Tier 90: 100 Credits

    Tier 91: Pylon (Burnt Sienna)

    Tier 92: Zadeh S3 (Titanium White)

    Tier 93: Chequered Flag (Sky Blue)

    Tier 94: Pixel Pointer (Titanium White)

    Tier 95: Joko XL (Cobalt)

    Tier 96: Traction: Hatch (Black)

    Tier 97: Tyranno GXT Vehicle in Rocket League

    Tier 98: Zadeh S3: Inverted (Purple)

    Tier 99: Maxle-PA (Saffron)

    Tier 100: 100 Credits


    Tier 5: Uncommon Drop

    Tier 8: Fireboard

    Tier 10: Uncommon Drop

    Tier 13: Harbinger Quickline

    Tier 15: Uncommon Drop

    Tier 18: Salty Peanut

    Tier 20: Uncommon Drop

    Tier 22: Peregrine TT Mechwing Decal in Rocket League

    Tier 24: Bootlegger

    Tier 25: Uncommon Drop

    Tier 30: Uncommon Drop

    Tier 32: Jester

    Tier 35: Uncommon Drop

    Tier 38: Heinrich

    Tier 40: Uncommon Drop

    Tier 43: Rumble Strip

    Tier 45: Rare Drop

    Tier 48: Roskilde

    Tier 50: Rare Drop

    Tier 53: Powertrainer Title

    Tier 55: Rare Drop

    Tier 60: Rare Drop

    Tier 65: Very Rare Drop

    Tier 70: Very Rare Drop

    Tier 80: Very Rare Drop

    Tier 90: Very Rare Drop

    Tier 100: Very Rare Drop


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