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FIFA 21 Best New Center Back & Insane Meta 5-3-2 Formation Tactics For Road To Glory Ultimate Team In Weekend League

2/23/2021 12:17:10 PM

There is a new center back in FIFA that has 99 tackling, 98 interceptions, and 90 sprint speed, with the right chemistry style. he's alone from Barcelona and is rivaling Varane to be the best and most dominant center back in all of the ultimate team. this player is phenomenal and is a must-have in any ultimate team, his name is Todibo. Todibo's passing and dribbling are super underrated, he is almost on the same level as Varane, that is how good he is.


Todibo is broken in the ultimate team if you're even debating doing his SBCs, if you have the coins to do this and you can link him next to Varane, you have to go and do it! Todibo is categorically fantastic, with the shadow chem style as well. He is a six-foot-three center-back with four-star skill moves, with brilliant links to the likes of Varane to any league and player. This player is fantastic and in an attacking formation in this current game, a formation like 5-3-2 is cracked. This is a brand new tactic for the road to glory the ultimate team in the weekend league, which can help you massively with the new current patch. The reason being is when you have your fullbacks on the overlap and during the attack, it becomes an attacking formation with at least seven players in attack. The possibilities that you've got with the 5-3-2 formation are incredible. However, this formation defensively isn't great. It’s easy to get counter-attacked. It’s only an excellent formation for gamers who have been struggling with getting those creative options when you're attacking in FUT 21, to get your attackers open, making some nice runs.

With this formation you've got to play a bit aggressively, you've got to get your full-backs into those positions. Thanks to 5-3-2 formation, you can get your right back joining the attack and getting that goal. We recommended it give it a try, this formation is fantastic to create so many attacking chances.

And if you are struggling with the four in back of the formation, or any formation to create chances, one of the great advice with the new patch is to try and have as much fun as possible, maybe don't cater to the possession style of game. Take your time with chances, don't rush attacks. You want to be taking your time as much as possible in the new gameplay, what that means is if there's not a shot on, don't take it. The more patient you are in this game, the more you get rewarded. The extra ball roll can make the world a difference. Do you need to create the most amount of space when getting forward? Don't force a shot that is not good. If you take a bad shot and your opponent could have easily made one more pass, sometimes the extra pass makes the biggest difference in FUT champs. And When you receive a ball, either do a skill move or a fake shot to create some space even a ball roll as well. And you're going to increase your likelihood of scoring a goal.

And that’s all the breakdown for the amazing new center-back and insane meta 5-3-2 formation tactics for the road to glory ultimate team in the weekend league and click HERE to see more!

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