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Path Of Exile Lioneye's Glare + Daresso's Defiance Crit Fire Damage Build

10/11/2014 9:00:38 AM

many players must have been familiar with this kind of fire damage build. here i want to show you a fire build with lioneye's glare + daresso's defiance.


first of all, see the passive tree. click here to see

the equipment
5-6 l lioneye's glare
5-6l daresso’s defiance: gain an endurance charge on kill; you gain onslaught for 1 second per endurance charge when hit; +20% attacking speed and movement speed.

path of exile lioneye's glare + daresso's defiance crit fire damage build


core equipment: lioneye’s glare + daresso’s defiance
helmet: high life, resistance
glove: high life, attacking speed and high resistance
shoes: high life, resistance, movement speed
girdle: high life, resistance
rings: high life / critical strike / resistance
shiver: piercing shiver.


gem linking
blood rage gain a frenzy charge on kill, 7% of physical damage from attacks leeched as life)
with vaal pact, life leech applies instantly at 40% effectiveness. passive tree coins 2% + daresso’s defiance 3% + blood rage 9%= 5.6. when you are attacked by physical damage reflex monsters, use life leech. you can gain 22.2%* 0.4=8.88% life leech in total instantly.


tips: in damage reflex maps, use gems of added fire damage and life leech.
gem linking suggestion: split arrow + piercing + increased critical damage + physical projectile attack damage + added fire damage/life leech+ faster attacks


you may ask why i use piercing instead of chain. in fact, there is no such problem which is better, the same as critical attack. the higher the dps is, the better it will be. as for the overflow damage, you can use heard of ash which will applies extra150% burning damage to the bosses. so there will be no problem about the overflow damage. the purpose of improving dps is to shorten the attacking time with bosses, which will lower death rate.


this build can help you deal with the physical damage / elemental reflex with piercing. therefore, i choose to use piercing. of course, if you come across some problems which you can not finish with piercing. then substitute piercing with chain. in practice, the damage output of chain will higher than piercing when you fight with 3-6 mobs. but with chains, you need to solve the mana-consuming problem. i do not want to spend too many coins on mana. therefore, i quite.


why i use split arrow all the time? that is split arrow does not have too much elemental damage. and you can use daresso's defiance + immortal call to enhance your physical damage. if you can reach 2-3 sec physical damage at a time, you will be invincible. besides, the core of the build focuses on the instant life leech with vaal pact. i do not use elemental arrow. elemental arrow + lmp can only cause a small area of damage. elemental arrow + gmp make the dps quite low. furthermore, you still need to worry about the elemental reflex damage.

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