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Path Of Exile Glacial Cascade Scion Build / Huge Crit Ice Damage / High Farming Maps Efficiency

10/10/2014 9:11:43 AM

as aoe skill, glacial cascade will release huge damage to the foes. in this article, i will show to how to build a scion glacial cascade build with huge ice crit damage. at the same time, you can also get high farming efficiency with this build.

path of exile glacial cascade scion build / huge crit ice damage / high farming maps efficiency

the main feature of glacial cascade build is that large aoe damage, fast casting speed and high critical strike damage. therefore, in passive tree, i pick up a lot of coins such as aoe, crit and casting speed.


my main gem 6l linking for boss killing: q20 glacial cascade + life leech + spell echo + concentrated effect + added chaos damage + q20 added lighting damage


my main gem 6l linking for monster-clearing: q20 glacial cascade + life leech + spell echo + increased area of effect + added chaos damage + q20 added lighting damage


the attributes of my equipment mainly focus on the blood and elemental resistance. my main-handed weapon is dual spell staff: spell damage + spell critical damage + casting speed. you only need about 2 chaos (poe currency) to buy the items.


in fact, the whole equipment set is quite cheap. you only need to prop up the elemental resistance to the full value.


auras: haste + clarity
then have a look at my glacial cascade build to farm the scepter of god

video source from:


click here to see the 1.2 gc build passive tree.
compared with previous gc build, i add shock chance and shock duration which will enhance the aoe damage greatly. you may have a try!


tips: in the senior maps, if you have the maps with the affix of no regeneration, use the gem called assassin's mark you will be granted with life and mana. furthermore, you will also have the chance to get the power charge to enhance your critical strike.


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