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Path Of Exile 1.2 Templar/ Duelist Cleave Build – High Monster-Clearing Speed

10/8/2014 4:43:36 PM

cleave build is quite familiar with most players. as a melee aoe skill, it is quite useful for monster-clearing. in this article, i will show you how to build the strongest group battle build-1.2 cleave build.

first of all, you need to prepare a few 5-6l equipment.
the must-have equipment:

1. carcass jack

path of exile 1.2 templar/ duelist cleave build – high monster-clearing speed

2. one-handed axe or sword
3. supported gems: cleave-added fire damage/ melee physical damage / multistrike / faster attacks / concentrated effect / weapon elemental damage / melee damage on full life / increased area of effect
the gameplay types:

1. accuracy 2. critical strike (bold word is my choice)

the starting character:

1. templar 2. duelist

life maintain: 1. ci  2. hp

auras: hatred + element of resistance

tips for templar/duelist 1.2 cleave build

1. full elemental resistance / immortal call / blood 4000 +
2. complete the tasks with dps over 6000
3. my current dps is 19,000, ir 165%, iq 60%, easily farm map 74.
4. when you reach level 75+, the dps need to reach 25, 000- 30,000, blood 5000, farm bosses quickly. besides, you will easily die in melee fighting and the mortality is quite high, especially the shock debuff.

curses: temporal chain/ elemental weakness/ enfeeble/ vulnerability

basically, i will use totems and curses together. not only can you attack monsters, but also you do not need to consume much mana. when you farm in senior maps, take enfeeble and temporal chains together. if you want to farm faster, use vulnerability.

furthermore, add enduring cry and molten shell together to enhance your defense.

besides, before fighting with elites, you need to be familiar with the monsters attributes and react immediately.
lastly, the passive tree, you can fast to see below. the passive tree fits for spectral throw build, cleave build and two-handed weapon build.


path of exile 1.2 templar/ duelist cleave build – high monster-clearing speed


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