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Rocket League Is Preparing A Lot Of Updates, Especially Better Playing Across Platforms

5/12/2018 4:09:38 PM

devil take all dystopic battle royale. the world already has its futuristic sport for demanding audiences, and that's rocket league. it will soon be celebrating its beautiful third birthday and he will not go to the depot at all. it prepared a lot of updates and news for the summer that i will describe in the following paragraphs.


the start-up shot of the new rocket league summer 2018 roadmap will be heard in may, when a new arena, new music and other uncountable goodies will appear. may also marks the end of the official seventh season, which will of course give players the appropriate rewards, and the start of the eighth season.


june will bring a special summer event, which developers have not specified yet, but i would not be surprised if they were spinning around the upcoming russian football world cup. adds also the fifth season of the world championship, live from london, the capital of the soccer cradle. and there's even more premium dlc - even "licensed". what would be the ms?


life is flowing all over our fingers incredibly fast, and before you can, july will be july. then there will be a grandiose celebration of the third birthday of the rocket league, which means a game event and a lot of things to unlock.


and the best for the end. at the turn of july and august, an extensive update is being prepared to allow you to create and play multiplayer games even with friends who do not share your platform with you. one can be on the pc, the other on PS, and nothing should prevent a complete cooperative experience.


so, there is one obstacle here. in the current version of cross-platform multiplayer, pc game owners can play with all the others, ps4, xbox one, and switchi players. however, ps4 players can not connect with xbox or nintendo. if this problem had been solved, developers would probably have mentioned it so i would not have seen much hope.


in addition, levels will be adjusted. from now on, waiting time for a new level will not exponentially expire, the higher you will get - the number of experiences will be fixed. getting a new level at the same time means a new object of random rarity (but the worst uncommon). and you will receive more experience, for example, in the game or the total time spent in the game, not just for your results.


in addition, developers have devised a separate system to help you get a variety of cosmetic cravings. it's called the rocket pass, and it's a sort of ladder you're doing just by gaining levels. finta is that you can speed up everything when you buy real money for real money to unlock that tier instantly.


so other micro transactions, but no more loot rocket league crates. when buying a premium access, you'll always be able to see exactly what's going to be unlocked, and you can think about whether or not you're actually getting some headphones or new titles. rocket pass is still in the development phase, so it's possible that it's going to be different. by august time is enough, and the psyonix studio will be sharing some additional information by then.

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