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Path Of Exile Forsaken Master Update: Vorici- Master Assassin And Socket Crafting 6L Currency Exchange Rate

8/6/2014 5:54:00 PM

ggg has released one of the forsaken master in path of exile. the master is called vorici, master assassin. first of all, you may have a look at the teaser video about vorici, master assassin.


in the video, have you ever noticed about the banner in the video? and the marauder seems to wear the flag pole. therefore, in the future, you may find something new in the expansion.

and there is a dialogue appears in the video. that is: time on low life begins now. i just imagine that it may have something to do with the new league: rampage. vorici as the master assassin, his mission is to keep a target crippled when he is in a state of low life.

then in the video, you may see that ggg show the socket crafting in the game. the items shown in the screen are quite different from we own current. maybe ggg has made effort to make a new weapon patch. the player uses it in every act and the master assassin also uses it as a weapon. now, the problems that players concerns most must be how the socket crating works, right? in the following, i will show you how.

socket crafting:
• 1 jeweler for 2 sockets.
• 3 for 3 sockets
• 10 for four sockets
• 70 for 5 sockets
• 350 for 6 sockets

• 1 fusing for 2 linked sockets
• 3 for 3 linked
• 5 for 4 linked
• 150 for 5 linked
• 1500 for 6 linked


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