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10 Things You Should Know About Archeage Cbt2

7/31/2014 9:45:17 AM
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1. dont worry about not having a glider to start with, you will get a quest at level 10-12 which gives you your first glider. its completely free and isn’t even a hard quest.


2. if you’re going afk to eat dinner don’t log-out you gain more labour coins while you’re in the game, these labour coins are used for pretty much everything you do in the game which isn’t quests and pvp. you will need as many as you can for this cbt. always afk in a safe place.


3. if you see an iron ore, plants or a random tree which is ready to be chopped down do it boats, houses, farms and gliders all need supplies which cost a good amount of gold. unlike other mmo’s “i’ll go back and do it later” isn’t the right attitude with archeage you should take the time to harvest whatever the circumstances.


4. overachieve. some quests can be overachieved this means doing more than the quests asks of you “kill 10 boars”  if you kill 15 you’ll overachieve the quest which gives you more xp which is worth it in the long run, just test if you can overachieve by doing the action an extra time.


5.  once you’ve completed the first zone  you will get a quest from someone who’s exclamation mark has been replaced with a green plant, these are your crafting quests which are very important in archeage, read this text dialogue its useful, you’ll be learning about trade packs growing your own plants/trees and general crafting, try to get these done until you atleast have your donkey, but don’t waste all the cbt on these quests. they do take a while.


6. when a tree in the wild is ready to be chopped for wood it will have an axe icon when moused over, if the tree has a spade icon you will not gain any wood from cutting the tree down and just receive the sapling of the tree.


7.  building houses/farms/boats is not an easy task, completing the main story line is the easiest way to get gilda stars which is the currency for buying blueprints for your construction. blueprints can be bought from mirage island, mirage island teleporters can be found multiple times in each zone. the other way to get gilda stars is by making cross-continent trade runs these can be time consuming and dangerous during cbt2 i suggest same continent trade runs for gold as you get enough gilda stars for basic boat and house by level 30.


8.  always look for illegal farms, illegal farms are placed by people who can’t afford or don’t have enough room in their own farm these are usually placed on the outer-rim of each zone using in hidden cracks and hillsides, you can sometimes get a good amount of resources or profit finding these at the right time. bare in mind stealing from farms gives you crime coins which could land you in jail for a period of time. yes there is a real court which player juries and yes there is a jail.


9. families are a thing in archeage now i don’t mean brothers, sisters, daughters or sons but more like your group of friends in the real world you share things with them. the concept of sharing can be used in archeage if you own a plot of land and one of your friends needs to plant some carrots if you set them to your “family” they can use your land.


10. experience the world that is archeage no loading screens cross continent, find a friend with a boat and travel across the open sea (watch out for jellyfish) or climb a big mountain and glide all the way down (they only last 3 minutes per use) archeage is a beautiful game go experience it!

pvp sidenote
killing your own faction can happen this isnt your normal mmo each continent zones will go into war status at random times or will always be at war, these are shown by the red zones on the map. if you’re in one of these zone be aware that other players can kill you including enemy faction and you can kill other players by going into (ctrl+f) which turns on the mode to kill your own faction. this is technically murder you will gain crime coins and be sent to jail if you accumulate 50 crime coins.

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