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Eso Update 3: Elder Scrolls Online Dyes And Guild Customization

7/30/2014 6:05:08 PM

it is always a great thing if we can customize our character in the game, and if we can have various colors and ways to choose, things will become better. and it is just the thing we can achieve in eso update 3.


there are new ways for your guild to build your guild in eso update 3, including dyes and guild. your can make own character and guild identities. you don’t need to spend much eso gold on it now. what’s more, guild traders scattered throughout tamriel.


eso dyes

the dye system is added in eso update 3. there are more than 200 colors for you to choose. you can unlock various dyes by completing different achievements in the game world.


eso guild identitiy

you are able to build and customize your own guild. the leader of guild can design new customizable guild ranks (and icons you can choose for each rank) and permissions. there are maybe someone willing to trade with you with real teso gold when you have great work.


guild traders

over 120 guild traders scatter throughout tamriel that guilds can bid on to sell goods from their guild stores to the public. you can spend elder scrolls online gold in buying tabard for your guild.


see more youtube videos related with elder scrolls online dyes at:


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