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Eso Blood Nightblade Guide Guide

7/16/2014 5:59:25 PM

today, i will share a useful build for blood nightblade from the blood nightblade has strong capability of health regeneration in battle. the biggest feature of the class is that he can siphon health from enemies to survive while dealing some good damage.

the blood nightblade is breton from the city of daggerfall.


health: 10
magicka: 19
stamina: 20

the nightblade doesn’t two many health coins, because he can restore health quickly in combat. why is that the stamina more than magicka? there are two reasons for that. one is that he has always enough magicka to cast skills though four of five skills need magicka cost. the other is that stamina restoration is lower, and nightblade needs more stamina to block and roll, which result in adding more stamina than magicka.

the nightblade is equipped with heavy armor and medium armor. medium armor is for adding stamina; heavy armor is used to improve power of defense. the main weapon for nightblade is
dual wielding (two swords). a bow is the secondary weapon.

abilities for the main weapon:
 eso blood nightblade guide guide

ability1. swallow soul.

it can deal magic damage and heal play for 25% of the damage inflickted every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. as long as the class is fighting, health can be restored. especially, in the fight against a boss, this advanced ability can increase the healing effect.

ability2. blood craze
this is ability to supply main dps for the class. meanwhile, it deals great damage to enemies and makes them lose health.

ability3. killer's blade
it deal magic damage and cause 300% of additional damage for low health enemies. it can heal player for 18% max health when killing an enemy with this ability.

ability4. degeneration
it deal magic damage over 12 seconds and restores health to player every 6 seconds.

ability5. leeching strikes

it can restore health for nightblade.

ultimate ability  soul tethe

abilities for the secondary weapon:
 eso blood nightblade guide guide
ability1. swallow soul
ability2. venom arrow
ability3. malefic wreath or dark cloak
ability4. degeneration
ability5. leeching strikes
ultimate ability soul tether


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