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Blade & Soul: Overview Of Silver Frost Summit Content For 50 Levels

4/8/2016 9:00:15 PM

thanks to the expansion silver frost summit you shall now climb 50 character levels in blade & soul. but what challenges await in the wuxia adventure hero level cap? we tell you!

about two weeks ago the extension went silver frost summit on blade & soul online and not only provided a lot of new content, but also raised the level cap to 50th on the official site of the game, the developers have now summarized what content you expect in the endgame of the wuxia mmorpgs. we present you the overview below.

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table of contents

1 verliese in endgame

2 united created content

3 pvp in soulstone level

4 zentren daily quest

5 arena pvp

dungeons in endgame

dungeons, so instance challenges for groups, there are several variants: dungeons experts are fairly easy to most and reward you with gold and experience. significantly, however, the tricky heroic dungeons that can tackle it with four or six players, and in addition to gold and experience and material provide for the development of weapons and accessories and make-up and baguas.

dungeons for experts

 unclean laboratory

 talus-dungeon

 ogongs folly

 the screaming caves

 frost cave chuanka

bns silver frost summit 2.jpg

at level 50 you expect in blade & soul some dungeons.

heroic dungeons

 snow fall cave

 awakened necropolis

 hiding the frosty fang

large-scale content

the following large-scale content can you currently play at the maximum level:

beast swamp

rewards: gold, experience

 in the eastern sky bloom plane

 defeat the bandits from the beast swamp, warriors who minibosses cold tongue and burning tongue and bay lee.

 chance of a special extra boss to bay lee

basin of frostscale

rewards: gold, experience, makeup

 in the northeast of the jitter stone summit

 defeat the different tribes in the basin of frost scale to summon balroks.

 once you have three balroks defeated, a powerful dark balrok appear.

spawning sanctuary

rewards: gold, experience

 in the northeastern sky blossoms level

 defeat the thunder dragon, the toxic thresher, the glacier back, the three-colored gigantura and the golden gigantura.

 speak ye with your group to summon the final boss and defeat.

raid: place of great harvest

rewards: gold, experience

 in the northern sky bloom plane

 the destroyer coat three times a day with his servants the place of great harvest.

 look down at the clock in the game, when the next attack will take place.

pvp in the soulstone level

the soulstone level is a separate area for fractions by characters level 50, similar to the cloud forests of stage 45. both groups have bases at opposite ends of the area, which are protected by the respective army. in between there are fields with rich deposits of soul stones which are extracted by using two large drills.

bns silver frost summit 3.jpg

fight on soulstone level of blade & soul or coelinorden and karminlegion to the rich deposits of soul stones.

the battle runs around the clock and is divided into phases. kill the main npc of the opposing faction [konta (coelinorden) respectively sujun (karminlegion)] to start mining. shortly after your faction accepts the drill, which must then be defended against enemy players and steadily more powerful waves of enemies. if you successfully defend your resources degradation, you must still pass a final challenge to get your reward. speaking of rewards: in the plane you can you earn in addition to gold and experience and group contribution coins, soul stones and moonstones.

centers for daily quests

daily quests are repeatable tasks where you can you earn without much effort gold and experience. high-level "dailies" can be found in the following zones:

herbalist hut: in the south of aspen stone summit. provides multiple daily quests for the environment.

snow forest monastery: western part of the forest primeval. provides multiple daily quests for the environment.

place of great harvest: in the northern sky flower plane. provides daily group quests where epic monsters are killed on the celestial flower plane.

arena pvp

of course you can you plunge on-3 battles 3 the arena and earn you there gold, experience, seasonal rewards and zen beans in the 1-to-1 or. take ye also yet the daily pvp missions, enjoy other rewards.

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