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Poe Iir High Dropping Rate: 625% - 80% All Elemental Resistance + 8 Auras

4/1/2015 11:28:01 AM

the main features of this build are immure to maps with the elemental resistance dropped to the baseline, blood magic and no mana/ blood regeneration. at the same time, this build is also not fit for the newbie in the game. after all, the equipment required is expensive. if you have successfully formed the build, you can earn a lot of poe currency.

the main idea of this build
the reason why i choose flame totem is long-ranged fire damage. besides, it does not need too many operations. when you farm in the maps, you do not need to worry about the affixes influence. of course, summoning build is also not what i want. before using flame totem gem, pick up ancestral bond in passive tree.

drop rate
poe currency (scroll, orb or other) has the dropping penalty mechanism. when the player farms in a map whose level is lower than the player, the dropping rate of poe currency and poe items will be 2.5% less for each level.

in poe, there are two factors contributing to the dropping rate. they are increase item rarity and increased item quantity.

besides, there are also other three factors influencing the dropping rate.
1. player (skills, passive skills and equipment).
2. monsters (bosses and elites)
3. team farming awards

note: the first attribute will reduce diminishing effect based on the team player number. and the diminishing effect will not exist in second and third attributes.

4. equipment and skill gems

helmet: siege helmet
gem linking: blood magic + reduced mana + purity of element + discipline
gold amulet
rings: andvarius
gloves: aurseize
gem linking: reduced mana + purity of fire + vitality + purity of lighting
shoes: wondertrap
gem linking: reduced mana + rejuvenation totem + arctic armor/ portal + purity of ice
armor: shavronne's wrapping
gem linking: flame totem + gmp +lmp + faster attacks +faster casting + item rarity
weapon: heartbreaker

poe iir high dropping rate: 625% - 80% all elemental resistance + 8 auras

gem linking: faster attacks + increased aoe + reduced duration / elemental weakness + lighting warp
shield: wheel of the stromsail
gem liking: cast on stun + immortal call + molten shell
ring: perandus signel
flask: divination distillate

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