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POE Raging Spirits Build with High Survivability and High Damage

4/23/2015 5:16:02 PM

I start this Raging Spirits build with Witch. And the passive tree is also fit for Duelist and Scion.

The auras I use are respectively Haste + Clarity + Hatred + Wrath + Arctic Armour
Advantage: You can export more 1636DPS than haste + hatred + Raging Spirits build.
Advantage: With Alpha's Howl, you can be not afraid of the freezing damage. If you encounter with the damage reflex damage monsters, Rumi and Armor flask will help you!
Disadvantage: The blood value will be lesser than orange items due to Alpha's Howl.

Then the passive tree – Lv 80

POE Raging Spirits Build with High Survivability and High Damage

Notes: In order to farm in the higher maps, we need to improve the damage output and blood value. [Purity of Flesh], you only need to consume 2 Coins to get 12% blood, chaos and 10 strength. [Mental Rapidity] and [Nimbleness] to get 24% casting speed. Due to 24% improved casting speed, the mana regeneration will be not enough. Go directly to the Duelist area to pick up 20% mana regeneration and 5% blood and mana. As for [Inner force], it all depends on you. If you lack of resistance, pick up [Sentinel] which will provide you with 10% all elemental resistance.


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