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Planting Archeage Rumbling Archeum Trees On Auroria, Easily Harvesting Archeum Crystals And Thunderstruck Trees

11/13/2014 5:10:57 PM

rumbling archeum tree is special and rare in the archeage world. it is very easily to plant the tree. you don’t get auroria mineral water for it. most importantly, compared to regular archeum tree with 10-hour growth, rumbling archeum tree grows very fast.

there are top tips and guide to plant rumbling archeum tree to show you.

1.get a rumbling archeum sapling through the flashy racing kit. in the patch 1.2, you have more chances the three from flashy racing kit chests.

2.. you’d better get a farm to plant rumbling archeum trees on auroria. rumbling archeum trees can grow in all kinds of climates. personally, if you want to easily get thunderstruck trees, you can plant them in the temperate zone.

3.rumbling archeum tree does not require auroria mineral water.

4.the trees just need one hour to grow.

harvesting archeum crystals and thunderstruck trees

harvesting archeum crystals- when rumbling archeum trees have fully grown, you can cut them down and obtain a certain number of archeum crystals; often, the number of crystals you can get is between one and five every a tree.

watch the following video from jason wivart:

he planted 16 rumbling archeum trees and harvest sunlight and moonlight archeum crystals.

harvesting archeum crystals

harvesting thunderstruck trees- although the growing period is not very long, rumbling archeum has much higher chance than the normal to become a thunderstruck tree.

as we all know, thunderstruck tree has very high price in the archeage market. selling thunderstruck trees makes you earn lots of archeage gold in the game world.

harvesting hunderstruck trees


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