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How To Do Fifa 15 Advanced Fake Shot - Fifa 15 Control Tips

11/11/2014 8:28:58 PM

as we all know there are various skills in fifa 15, some skills are dazzling and some skills are neat. while, the ultimate goal is to fool opponents and get goals! among various skill actions, due to the operability and practicality, fake shot becomes the first choice for many players.


fake shot was divided into these types:

1.the skill moves under 4 star almost always change to spike, even if you added lt it is still difficult to play well.
2.4 star sm player, the occasionally fake shot can become wiping ball. lt+fake shot can make dragback combos. such as benzema.
3.5 star sm player, we used most of the c.ronaldo and ben arfa. dribbling ball dragback 45°to fake shot is wiping ball. lt+fake shot, turn back to fake shot while holding the l2 or lt trigger, in order to stop quickly.this is a fantastic technique that allows the attacking player to hold up the ball, use momentum against the opposition’s defense, and create ideal angles for crosses / shots.

fake shot:

b then a + direction /   o then x +direction

fake pass:

x then a +derection /  o then x +direction


to click two keys must be fast, otherwise you would easily to spread ball out. it is best to use the thumb directly slid the first key to the second key. we do not recommend two fingers to operate/


5 star sm player experience:

1.c.ronaldo: various violence, 5 star sm and 4 star week foot , powerful body and key property not only limit to rf position, while, it would better to close the goal.
2.ben arfa: typical players left to play the right side,has same five-star sm plus 4 star weak foot. while, the sats in the card is not high, but it is really practical. personally think, it is the best choice to play rf position, which involved hazard, robben,di maria.
3.taarabt: double 5 star players. very useful cam in 41212, great ca in 4312. the long shot is amazing! while, the speed is not so fast.
4.lamela: very cost-effective player, if your have not abundant fifa 15 coins, you can get him.

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