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Poe Concentrate Effect + Melee Splash + Dual Strike Vs Double Strike Vs Reave

10/20/2014 5:35:48 PM

this article mainly focuses on the comparison of dual strike, double strike and reave. in the same build, if we can only change the skill gem, what the difference will be? today, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages between these three skills.

dual strike
advantages: base damage (2*90%) (fit for life leech)
disadvantages: it will be debuffed by the off-handed damage

double strike
advantages: faster attacks, the attacking force will not be influenced by the off-handed weapons.
disadvantages: low base damage (2* 70%)

advantages: aoe skill can save a skill socket.
disadvantages: get debuffed by the off-handed weapons (use spell echo to make good a defect), low base damage (1*100%).
the base damage of these three skills has no big difference. the double strike looks fast because of the good attacking frequency. as we all know that dual strike will be influenced by the off-handed weapon. if the weapon damage is lower than 0.55 and the base attacking is the same, the damage of double strike will be much higher than dual strike.

reave will be supported by one-handed weapon, claw, dagger. if your off-handed weapon is axe or hammer, the reave can function well and will be not influenced by another weapon.

generally speaking, dual weapon players will choose dual strike if you use functional off-handed weapon, you can use double strike. if you only take the off-handed weapon as the display, the reave will fit for you.

compared with 1.32 times damage, choosing reave and double strike + shield will be much better.

damage calculation: dual strike + melee splash

damage calculation: double strike + melee splash

damage calculation: reave + concentrated effect

provided that the gem level is l18, passive tree will provide you with 360% damage, 180% attacking buff.

damage calculation of dual strike

damage calculation of double strike

damage calculation of reave

as shown above, the damage of reave is nearly equal to dual strike (double strike is a tragedy). furthermore, what we compare is main-target damage instead of sub-targets. and we also do not discuss the good-attribute weapon. as for damage buff, 360% is quite low value. if the damage buff value is much higher, the reave damage will be more than dual strike.

then according to the update of 9th in september, concentrate effect linking the main skill gem + melee splash will not influence the damage value of main-target because the main target will be regarded as the singleton attacking. only the aoe damage will be affected.


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