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6/4/2014 4:26:26 PM

this article will explain to you eso trading system : players association, the guild of banks , guild of shops, public battle fortress guild shops, and other types of transactions , sale and auction system .a lot of people are always asking where eso 's auction house , this article will solve your confusion .


players guilds


in elder scrolls online , an important part of the players association became a trading system. so here are some first guild -related information, and then you will find that you want to succeed in trading with other players , join a guild is so necessary .eso players association established by the players themselves , the main reason for the establishment of the institute for social needs, convenience and friends team up and make new friends , and other players traded. each eso account can only create a guild , but each player account can add up to five players association .

establishment of the association is very simple, you just press the g key to open the guild interface. fill out the names and camp on it. of course, the president can also edit the guild privileges , such as whether a particular class members can use the guild warehouse , guild shops and so on. each guild must choose a camp. for example, you can create a guild, the guild is best and your main camp the same number , so you can be the player with the guild battle camp with the team . if you buy a package explorer , you may choose to race, but you still have to choose a camp. three camps are ad restoration wizard dynasty , dc fall dagger covenant , the convention center ep ebony . if you join the guild just for transactions , eso transaction there will be a lot of players are welcome to join the association . you can only add up to five guild, but you can exit from someone you do not need a guild.


elder scrolls online players guild bank

if a player guild has more than 10 players , then the guild talk can turn 500 lattice guild bank . you can set the order of the president will be , new members can be promoted privileged officials (promote). guild bank when you open , you can set different access rights would order members. some guild may be used to store a gift to other members , and some guild completely open for everyone to feel free to use . guild warehouse guild members to help each other as a tool , can also be a battle guild logistical support, significance.


eso guild store

difference guilds and the society store

guild warehouse is not an auction . if you put something into the guild warehouse , which is certainly not in the sale , you are part of a give away . although you can get what you need from the guild warehouse , but this is not to deal directly with players . no matter how the permissions settings, the guild bank will be open only to the members of the association of the players did not join you can not see your guild warehouse.


guild of stores selling items

to be able to sell your items in the council store. first you find a bank manager first , then select guild store option. just below you can select which one you want to use the association 's store , if you want shelves, you need to follow the following steps.

if you add more than one guild, choose the goods you want shelves association . each guild sell list are independent .
select the sell option ( upper right corner ) and add the items you want to sell . shelves will be handling in the 1.1 patch, auction fee has been reduced.
then select list item on the success of shelves, other people can see your items for sale in this guild shops.while other players to buy your goods shelves , gold will be sent to you by mail . you can see all of your options in the sale of goods in listings lane.

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